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How to Live long on Earth!! Stop pre-matured dead and live long!!!

The human system! Living long is a choice?

Despite the fact that death is inevitable in man’s life, there are efficient and effective ways one can adopt to prevent untimely death. Habits and lifestyle play a major role here.

Diet and Sex!

The human body is a very sophisticated machine that demands critical care for longitivity and proper functioning of the systems.


The malfunctioning of one part of the system may either directly or indirectly affect other parts. Sex is healthy for the body. You only reap the benefits when in a healthy relationship.


Humans are social orgasms. They demand care, unconditional love and attention to build strong hormones. Healthy sex makes the victims relaxed and happy. This helps protect the body against depression, bad moods and sucidal  thoughts.


This keeps the heart functioning appropriately. Healthy heart means long life. Sex abuse can be very bad too and rather drags you to early grave.

Maximize your daily intake of fruits and vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables)

Powerful vegetables like garlic, ginger and onions must be included in our diets constantly because of their healthy antioxidants. Besides, Green leafy vegetables  are also miraculous antidotes for longitivity.


Green vegetables must be taken at their raw states to greatly harvest the nutritious value they contain.They must be taken on regular basics. Where necessary, these vegetables can be partially cooked but remember to make use of the stock


. Never pour your stock away. Biologist have the proves to support the fact that some of vitamins like vitamin ‘C’ is very sensitive to heat hence evaporates easily when heated. Fruits should be included in our diets.


It is best to take these fruits on empty stomach to facilitate adequate absorption and utilization of them by the body.

Reduce your intake of chemical drugs, especially those not prescribed to you by a qualified medical professional.

Drug addiction is one of the problems Most people are babbling with globally. The rate at which men abuse drug is about trice as that of women.


This shows why men mortality is on the increase. This also explains the reason why more men  end up in prisons or cells globally. This social canker is Highly pertronized by the youth.


Get to think of it as in prehistoric perspective! The cave men depended solely on plants for their survival. They were living Longer and healthier because their systems were free from toxic substances.


We must understand the chemistry behind the chemical drugs. There is non that is harmless. These unnoticeable hazardous substances tend to affect our delicate organs like the kidney, the lungs and the heart.


Their effect are not noticed immediately but in later times. These substances can treager high blood pressure and consequently heart failure. Chemicals easily affect our sight and hearing abilities.

Avoid excessive alcohol  intake. If possible stop alcohol drastically!

There is no doubt that alcohol is the cheapest and commonly abused substance world wide. The amount of alcohol the body needs can be synthesized by the body itself. Alcohol is not healthy for the kidneys.

It easily destroys the baryomas capsule responsible for ultrafiltration during urine formation. Excessive alcohol intake will perforate this organ leading to inflammation.


Besides, it produces unhealthy dopamine making the victim happy. This happiness will force you to drink the more when the effects wears off after drinking. Its addictive nature can easily jeopardize your life in general. You become extravagant and lack attention to diet and health.


This will kill you in no time. Alcohol creates the impression of dealing with problems but in the natural since,  imposes problems to this our interdependent and interrelated system.

Smoking should be substituted by exercise, enough water and rest.

Smoking cigarettes, marijuana, tobberco and other substances directly, or inhaling them in to the body has exponential consequences on the human anatomy.


Tobacco and cigarettes contain very addictive and deathly substance called nicotine. Few minutes after smoking weed or cigarette, the nicotine is quickly absorbed into the brain either through the sublingual gland or in the intestines.

These substances affect ones mood, feelings and perceptions about reality. Can easily cause memory loss and unhygienic conditions.

The carbon monoxide inhaled can lead to various type of cancers especially lungs cancers.

 Excercise is good for proper blood circulation and keeping the heart healthy and maximize it’s work. It keeps the body temperature at a contact level. This helps burn unhealthy cholesterol around the vital organs. Pressure is controlled and stroke related death is reduced.

Water is an essential part of our lives. Water fuels the system and keeps the system running appropriately.


The skin, kidney and the liver work as homeostatic organs or osmoregulatory organs. This helps to maintain the internal body temperature and Flashes out toxins. Food nutrients are absorbed by the body in its liquid form.


This means adequate supply of water will keep the system working to boost our LONGITIVITY. One must also have enough rest or relaxation for the system to factory reset itself.

This maintains the boyancy of the organs hence the reduction of prematured death.

Sugar and salt

It is rediculous to notice that excessive use o sugar and salt merciful affect our LONGITIVITY. Most of the fizzy drinks contain high amount of sugar.


This treager diabetes and heart diseases. For the purpose of our health, we must reduce salt and sugar intake.


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