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How Your Lifestyle Is Damaging Your Kidney

How Your Lifestyle Is Damaging Your Kidney

How Your Lifestyle Is Damaging Your Kidney: People with total kidney failure have three main outcomes. That is kidney transplant or dialysis or death. Regrettably, the causes of kidney failure are mainly lifestyle choices. Understanding the concept of kidney disease, its prevention and control can extend the lifespan or improve the quality of life of everyone. Learn that now, at least to avoid the exorbitant costs associated with kidney conditions.

The kidneys filter waste substances from the body and remove extra fluids from the body with the help of blood vessels that carry blood to and from the kidneys.

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An uncontrolled high blood pressure over time makes the blood vessels that transport blood to and from the kidney constrict, narrow, weak and sometimes blocked. These damaged blood vessels are not able to carry enough blood into the kidneys. The inadequate supply of blood to the kidneys stops the kidneys from working well and when this happens, the kidneys do not receive enough blood to filter waste and remove extra fluids from the body which lead to fluid and waste build up in the body. Extra fluids in the body can raise blood pressure more and the build up of waste substances in the body causes more damage to kidneys over a short period of time./ How Your Lifestyle Is Damaging Your Kidney

Causes of high blood pressure, which are mainly lifestyle choices of which an individual can make amends to, are:/ How Your Lifestyle Is Damaging Your Kidney

1 . Obesity

2 . Lack of exercise

3 . Taking in too much salt or sugar

4 . Stress

5 . Smoking

6. Eating late in the night

7 . Family history. / How Your Lifestyle Is Damaging Your Kidney

8 . Alcoholism

Signs and symptoms of high blood pressure are:

1 . Headache

2 . Irregular heartbeat

3. Blurred vision

4. Nausea

5. Chest pains

6 . Difficulty breathing

7 . Trouble concentrating or confusion

Prevention measures of high blood pressure are:

1 . Keep a healthy weight

2. Eat fruits and vegetables

3. Do regular physical exercise

4 . Avoid alcohol intake. / How Your Lifestyle Is Damaging Your Kidney

5 . Reduce stress

6 . Avoid smoking

7. Stop eating late in the night

8 . Cut down on sugar and salt intake

9 . Cut down caffeine intake .

High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of deaths in the country with young adults forming a sizeable proportion of people battling with this disease. Though this condition, high blood pressure, is a lifestyle disease, individuals need to put in a conscious effort to avoid this disease or if a person is already having this disease, the person should do his or her best to prevent any complications of the above complications from developing due to the dangers associated with complications./ How Your Lifestyle Is Damaging Your Kidney

Blood pressure is the force or pressure of circulating blood against the walls of blood vessels. Normal blood pressure for adults is a systolic pressure (figure on top) of 120 or less and diastolic pressure (figure at bottom) of 80 or less.

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