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IELTS waived | Northwestern University Scholarships in USA

Northwestern University ScholarshipsNorthwestern University Scholarships

IELTS waived | Northwestern University Scholarships in USA

Northwestern University Scholarships: The Graduate School (TGS) provides doctoral degree-seeking students with the opportunity to receive funding in the form of fellowships, assistantships, and tuition scholarships. Made possible by general appropriations, endowments, and other outside sources, funding typically provides students with a  stipend  and a scholarship to pay for tuition costs. All awards made by TGS are based upon merit.


PhD and Master’s student funding

TGS and its graduate programs offer a wide array of financial support for doctoral students, who are typically fully-funded for four quarters per year for minimum of five years. Master’s students may receive scholarships or a student loan. MFA students can also apply for fellowships and assistantships.


Tuition/Cost of Attendance | Northwestern University Scholarships

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of expenses for the academic year while you are enrolled at Northwestern. These direct (fixed) and indirect (variable) costs determine the total amount of financial aid (including student loans) you may receive.


Direct (Fixed) Costs

Direct costs include tuition and the Northwestern University Student Health Insurance Plan* (NU-SHIP). These expenses will be billed on your Northwestern University Customer Account.


Indirect (Variable) Costs

Indirect costs include charges for housing, meals, books, transportation, personal expenses and loan fees (for students borrowing federal student loans). These estimated costs are based on averages for each category as determined by surveys completed by graduate students in your school. Indirect costs are not billed on your Northwestern University Customer Account. (An exception would be charges for students living on campus in graduate housing and for students enrolled in a campus meal plan.)


Fellowships and grants

TGS offers funding from annually-allocated award funds, endowed fellowships, foundations and other private support, as well as federal research and training grants.


Assistantships | Northwestern University Scholarships

In addition to helping to fund your education, assistantships can enhance it. Students serve between 15-20 hours per week.


Deadline | Northwestern University Scholarships

The deadline varies per program


Northwestern University Scholarships
Northwestern University Scholarships


How to apply

Interested applicants should visit the official website for more details and Apply now .


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