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Introduction to Sewing and Freehand Cutting

Introduction to Sewing and Freehand Cutting

Introduction to Sewing and Freehand Cutting


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Introduction to Sewing and Freehand Cutting . In this article, we shall introduce readers to the Introduction to Sewing and the meaning of freehand cutting.

First Episode

Introduction to Sewing and Freehand Cutting

  • Freehand cutting is a method of using an individual’s body measurements to cut garments directly from a fabric without using a paper pattern. According to dictionary, it is the cutting without the use of paper pattern. The cutter devices or copies a method he or she finds easy and convenient to use, and which he or she thinks gives good results to cut garments. With this method, there is no common procedure or way of cutting an article. Thus, the cutting has a freehand in using a cutting procedure which he or she finds convenient to work with. Consequently, freehand cutters use different methods to cut the same style or article.
  • Common things about freehand cutting procedures:

_Body measurements are used to cut garments

_The body measurements of the client are used to outline the style on the fabric to cut.

_all allowances are incorporated in the or added to the marked style or design on the fabric before cutting. Sketches of clear outlines are made on the fabric before cutting.

Some supplies/ tools and equipment to get.

_tailors chalk, pins, tape measure, training wheel, hand needle, cutting out scissors and paper cutting scissors, threads, brown paper.


Introduction to Sewing and Freehand Cutting

Advantages of this method

#1. it is convenient. One is Free to use any method he or she finds easier and suitable for the styles and for professionalism purposes.Also, very few supplies in the form of fabrics, scissors, tape measure and Tailor’s chalk are required so wherever you are, you can use the method.

_it is a fast method. The body measurements of the clients are used directly to cut the desired design from the fabric, and this helps to save a lot of Time. With other methods, lengthy instructions need to be systematically and methodically followed to develop paper patterns for the cutting and afterwards an appreciable amount of time is spent on transferring the pattern markings unto the sections of the garment, making it too cumbersome. The time to spend on preparing patterns as well as transferring these pattern markings are saved or will be used for different agenda or purpose.

The method is simple

There are few instructions to follow as freehand cutting is concerned, so it is easier to commit into memory and use them to cut whenever necessary. The processes involved are so simple that people who have never been to school are able to learn and use the method. The simplicity of the procedures in freehand cutting makes the method easy and comfortable to learn.

It is less expensive. In comparison to the other methods, freehand cutting is a very cheap method. There is no money wasted on brown papers to make patterns and no need to buy commercial patterns.

It promotes creativity

  • Developing the ability to be able to design and cut several articles within a short time and at no extra cost improves one creativity because the more we create, the better our creative abilities and capabilities are transformed and formed. This means the user of freehand cutting is at a greater advantage of creating a variety of unique and beautiful styles and styles within a short period of time.
  • GUIDELINES for freehand cutting

_Use accurate body measurements to cut. Taking accurate body measurements is very crucial here. This depicts whether your garment will fit well on the wearer or not. Care must be taking when taking your measurements.

_sketch both front and back views of the style you want to cut on a piece of paper

For example:

Front view.                            Back view

_follow the instructions for cutting your sketched design to outline the design on brown paper.

_mark the direction of the straight grain and indicate the number of pieces to cut.

_ make sure to use curves and rules to facilitate adequate shaping. Add adequate allowance before cutting.

_cut out the paper and use it to cut the garment fabric.

You have to practice how to cut freehand on paper for some time to develop your cutting skills before cutting direct on a fabric. In our next episode, we will look at how to take out body measurements accurately before learning how to cut. Please we have to follow the episodes sequentially to reap the needed benefits.

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Introduction to Sewing and Freehand Cutting



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