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Management in-living mock examination Questions and Answers

Management in-living mock examination

1a) Give four advantages of living in a home.Management in-living mock examination Questions and Answers

(b) State two situations that require the management of resources.
(c) State four activities that may cause poor sanitation in a community



2(a) (i) What is ventilation?
(ii) State four ways of ensuring proper ventilation in our homes

(b) Define the following
(i) pollution
(ii) pollutant

(c) State four sources and four effects of air pollution

3(a) Explain the difference between a polygamous marriage and a monogamous marriage.
(b) State five factors that contribute to failure in marriage.
(c) (i) state four consequences of premarital sex
(ii) state two ways of preventing premarital sex


Management in-living mock examination


4(a) What are motivators in management?
(b) Explain five motivators that influence the management process.



5(a) What are household pests?
(b) List four common household pests
(c) State two steps to be taken to prevent pests from breeding in the home
(d) State two reasons why household pests are dangerous


6(a) Define the following terms
(i) child labor
(ii) child abuse
(iii) conflict

(b) (i) State four activities of children that can be classified as child labor
(ii) State five effects of child labor on the child
(ii) explain two factors that may cause conflict


7(a) Explain the difference between conventional mortgage and adjustable rate mortgage

(b) State three responsibilities each of
(i) tenant
(ii) landlord
(c) State two reasons why building permits are obtained when building


Management in-living mock examination


8(a) Explain the term expanding stage.
(b) State five problems which couples encounter during the expanding stage
(c) State four reasons why the beginning stage of the family cycle needs adjustment most

(9.a) Name four types of fuel used in the home and state two disadvantages each of the use of any two of them
(b) (i) What is family crises?
(ii) Describe five effects that crises may have on a family


10(a) Building a house is a long term goal. State eight short term goals that would help achieve this goal

(b) Explain how the following personal characteristics affect management
(i) Age
(ii) Knowledge
(iii) Experience



Solution to Management in-living mock examination

1a. Advantages of living in a home*


– to enjoy security
– to be protected by shelter
– it brings comfort and satisfaction
– it promotes love and affection
– it helps ensure discipline


*b. Situations that require management of resources*


– when there is a problem to be solved
– when there is an event or emergency
– when there is a need for a change
– when there is conflicts of want
– when resources are limited or scarce


c. *Causes of poor sanitation*


– improper waste disposal
– not enforcing sanitation laws
– people who are ignorant about their actions towards the environment
– lack of III formation on waste management
-high population increase
-lack of funds to manage the environment maintaining the septic tank
– choking of gutters leading to the breeding of mosquitoes
– leaving unwashed bowls and plates over night after eating
– not sweeping or cleaning your surroundings
– not weeding around your environment which can breed insects.



2a. I. Ventilation is the exchange of stale air for fresh air in an enclosed place or area.


II. *Ensuring proper ventilation*

– placing windows opposite each other
– planting trees and grasses near your house
– making holes in ceilings
-Using perforated fancy blocks in walls

bi. *Pollution* it is the release of harmful substances into the environment in a quantity that can cause harm to plants and animals life.


II. *Pollutants* They are substances that pollute the environment eg. Smoke fertilizer etc.

C. *Sources of air pollution*

– smoke from cigarettes smokers
– smokes from old cars ( carbon monoxide)
– smoke from machinery in industrial areas
– burning on refused dumps
-the use of chlorofluorocarbons


*Effects of air pollution*

– leads to respiratory diseases
– leads to acid rain fall
– may destroy plants and animals life
– can deplete the ozone layer
– leads to green house effects and global warming
– can lead to skin cancer and other skin diseases


Management in-living mock examination

*3a.polygamouse marriage* is the type of marriage that involves multiple spouse for either the man or the woman while monogamous marriage* is the type of marriage contracted between one man and one woman


b. *Factors that lead to failure in marriage

– in-laws interference
– inadequate preparation before marriage
– unfaithfulness
– lack of effective communication
– infertility
– impotency or inability of the man to satisfy the woman sexually
– lack of love, affection trust and respect.
– cheating on one side of the partner ( adultery)


*ci. Consequences of premarital sex

– leads to teenage pregnancy
– can lead to school dropout
– they can easily contract sexually transmitted diseases eg. Gonorrhea, syphilis etc.
– can lead to early parenthood
– can lead to illegal abortion when pregnant.
– can lead to dead during ectopic pregnancy which can cause the fallopian tube to rupture.


II. *Ways of preventing premarital sex

-Adolescents should learn to resist peer pressure
– Adolescent should stop watching pornographic materials
– parents should provide their children with their basic needs
– sex education should be given to adolescents


Management in-living mock examination

4.a. *motivators* are the forces that push us to manage.


b. *Motivators that influence management*

– *values*

they are things, feelings or believes we consider very important or worth doing. They give meaning to our lives and also motivate us to act or behave the way we do.

– *Goals*

they are the target we set to achieve or accomplish. We set our goals based on our values.


it is a criteria set to measure the value of an activity or item as well as the satisfaction derived from the activity.

– *Events*

they are unexpected or sudden occurrences that are out side our control but need our attention when they occur eg sickness, accident, death, etc

– *Needs*

they are things we can not do without them. They make our lives complete eg food, shelter, clothing etc.

– *Wants*

they are the things we can do without them but we still desire to have to them. We only get them to improve upon the quality of our lives eg. Carpet for your floor, third pair of shoes etc


5a *Household pests* they are troublesome insects and animals that infest the home


b. *Common household pests*
– houseflies
– mosquitoes
– cockroaches
– ants
– mice and rats
– weevil
– termites
– Lice etc

c. *How to prevent pests from breeding*

– cleaning our environment always
– empty dustbins regularly
– cover dust bins
– spraying with insecticides
– clean gutters thoroughly
– Ensure personal hygiene
– Empty cans and containsers filled with water


d. *Why pests are dangerous*

-they make life uncomfortable
– they make the home unhygienic
– some are poisonous when they bite you. Scorpion etc.
– can cause accident
– can cause death eg malaria from mosquitoes


Management in-living mock examination

6a. I. *Child labour*

it means engaging children in income generating activities.

II *. Child abuse*

it is the maltreatment given to a child that affects the child’s physical or mental development.

III. *Conflict*

it is a disagreement or struggle between two or more people.


b.I *Activities understand child labour*
– fishing
– mining
– farming
– selling in the street
– carrying loads for money ( KAYAYO)
– sex trading etc.



II. *Effects of child labour*

– leads to school dropout
– affects the physical health of the child
– children grow to become way-ward
– children may end up in substance abuse
– can easily lead to pre-marital sex and consequently teenage pregnancy
– leads to early parenthood and unemployment since they may drop out of school.


III.*Causes of conflict*
_ struggle for power
_generation gap . It is the general mistrust that exist between the adolescents and the adults due to factors of Education and societal change .
– lack of effective communication
– differences in standards
– differences in goals, needs and wants



7a *difference between conventional and adjustable mortgage*

*Convectional mortgage* is the type of mortgage where the borrower ( mortgagee) pays a fixed interest rate for the entire period of the loan but Adjustable rate mortgage is where the internet rate changes at certain period of time, normally one to five years.


b. I *. Responsibilities of a tenant*

– keeping your house clean
– paying your rent in time
– obtain receipts for rent paid
– provide at least Three months pre-notice before leaving the house
– Respect the privacy of other co-tenants
– obey all rules and regulations governing the house.


*II. Responsibilities of land lord*
– issue receipts for rent paid
– make major repairs and maintenance on time
– Respect the privacy of your tenants
– give notice for rent increment
– give adequate notice of two or three months before asking a tenant to leave the house.
– ensure peace by settling dispute between tenants


c. *Importance of building permits*


– it gives you the power to build on your land.
– it ensures that the land is not owned by another person
– it detects whether the land is safe for building.
– it ensures that, the land is abide by building code and zoning laws



8. a. *Expanding stage

*it is the second stage of the family life cycle. It begins when the first child is born and ends when the first child leaves the parental home for independent life eg marriage, employment etc.


b. *Problems of the expanding stage*


– more space is needed
– family expenditure increases
– moral problems may arrive due to differences in values
– pressure on family resources
– time and energy demand increases
– couple may not have enough time for each other


*C. Why the beginning stage needs adjustment*

-couple have different goals and values
-couple have different likes and dislikes
– couple come from different cultural background
– couple set new financial goals

Management in-living mock examination

9.a.Types of fuel* how ever we have three types of fuel and they are

solid fuel eg. Firewood, charcoal, coal etc
liquid fuel eg. Kerosene etc.

Gas fuel eg. Liquidified petroleum Gas ( LPG )


*Disadvantages of gas fuel*

– it is expensive
-it is toxic when inhaled
– natural gas can pollute the air
– it is highly inflammable


*Disadvantages of solid fuel*

– does not cook faster as gas
– produce soot that makes it uncomfortable to use
– it stains the outside of cooking pots and pans
– firewood may produce smoke to pollute the environment
– cutting down trees for charcoal leads to deforestation



b. I. *Family crises*

it is an event or a challenge that requires adjustment or major re- organizations of the family system.

II. *Effects of family crises*

– it creates stress in the family
– it creates a feeling of uncertainty
– it increases emotions of fear and anger
– it may affect the family financially and change the standard of the life of the people
– it puts pressure in the family as they try to find solution to the problem.


10. *Short term goals for building a house*

– getting the site plan
– getting a building permit
– getting a qualified architect to design the blue-print
_ determination of the location of the house
– determination of the colour of the house.
– number of rooms for the house



b. *How the following affect management*


I *. Age.*
Your age influence level of maturity. The older you are the better you can think critically and make informed decisions about the use of resources .


II. *Knowledge*
Your knowledge about the quality and quantity of resources availability will help you to determine how best to use the resources to achieve your goals.


*III. Experience*
The more experienced you are, the better you can put realistic plans into action.

Management in-living mock examination


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