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Narcotic Drug Found in a car of  a Medical Doctor ; guess the consequences.

Narcotic drug found in a car

Narcotic Drug Found in a car of  a Medical Doctor ; guess the consequences.


It is a very sorry story that, a Narcotic Drug Found in a car of a medical doctor innocently. According to preliminary Investigations, it was depicted that, the substance was placed in the car by a police officer.


This doctor was asked to get down of his car so that thorough search can be conducted in his car. This incident transpired after he arrived at a police barrier.


He got done and two police officers jumped into the car to conduct their search. After a while, they got down holding a bag full of marijuana. They asked him the originality of the drug. The doctor wholeheartedly denied but all his attempts to escape the claims fell into death ears.


The police officers ordered him to pay 20, 000ghc as settlement or else they will send him to Ghana Narcotic Control Board where he will bear for all the penalization accompanied by possessing narcotic drug.


They kept threatening him about the consequences of keeping narcotic drugs. It is considered as a first class offence and comes after murder. This means the innocent man can spend 15 years or more in jail due to this fabricated story.


Fortunately enough for the doctor, his brother is a CID. He called him to intervene immediately. He quickly rushed there for his rescue.

His brother came requesting that, the issue is sent to their station. The doctor and the brother followed them to the station and pen down their report.


They were later directed to visit the Narcotic Control Board for further consequences. On their arrival to the the Narcotic Board, The CID forced that, a finger print should be done to his brother and the entire officers in charge. It was at this time that he revealed his identity to them as a CID.  They started vibrating!


After the finger prints were taking, no trace of the doctor’s finger print was associated with the marijuana . It rather contained the trace of the officers finger prints. The CID threatened that, if the true is no said about how the substance got into his brother’s car, the issue will be sent to court. This was the time they started pleading. The stated that, they placed it in the.

They released the doctor but the CID forwarded the issue. This is what the security service has brought.

Narcotic drug found in a car

Narcotic Drug Found in a car of a Medical Doctor


May be you dont have a brother who works at the military. If you are traped in issues like this, who will save you?

These people are to protect us against created tribulations.
But it is very unfortunate that, the same people are rather creating problems for us except few.



My brother, my sister, lets all know that, we are in a country where no one cares for us. Be extra careful in your endeavors.



Similar incident has landed some people in jail. Innocent people ended up been remanded for years in prison for crime they never committed.


The Arm force can investigate into the matter for years but the naked truth can not be pinpointed and the culprits involved sanctioned according to constitutional provisions of the country.

Narcotic Drug Found in a car of a Medical Doctor

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