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Sociological tool for self Assessments  as a key for combating bribery and corruption

Sociological tool for self Assessments  as a key for combating bribery and corruption

It is most often believed that, every man is corrupt in nature. Have you in any way sent back the money you found on the ground to your masters to search for the owner during your school days? Sociological tool for self assessment utilization.

Have you ever taken away school property like textbooks, chalk, marker or any school property home?

Have you snatched money, pen, note book or any thing possessed by a friend home?

Have you ever vandalized or destroy school property or your masters property during cous or riot ?

If your answer to the above question is yes, sociologist have a unique classification for you.

Sociological tool for self assessment

Factors or events that predict ones corruptive nature

1. Comportment at social gatherings

If you are in a hotel, or restaurant, and you put more sugar, or milk in your tea than you do in your home…, then you have a predisposition to corruption.


2. Careless usage of third parties properties

If you use more tissues, soap or perfume, in the restaurant, hotel, or public place than you do at home …, then if you have the opportunity to embezzle, you will embezzle.


3. Extravagant dependant on societal resources

If you serve yourself more food that you can devour in weddings, parties, and open buffets just because someone else will pay the bill…, this is a proof that if you had the opportunity to eat (steal) public money, you would.

4. Unlawful overtaking

If you usually skip people in queues, you will have the ability to climb on the shoulders of others to reach power.

5. Using dubious means to accumulate wealth

If you consider that what you collect from the street/pool of money and other things is your right to do so…, then you have signs of the thief.

Sociological tool for self assessment

6- If you (usually) care about knowing a famous last name instead of a first name…, you are a racist and will likely help people just because of their origins. You also care about people, not ideas and achievements.

7 violation traffic regulations

If you violate the traffic instructions, and you have no regard for the traffic lights…, you have a readiness for all transgressions, even if innocent people fall into them.

Fighting corruption starts from the self. Let’s try to be distinguished people wherever we are, and remember that honesty is what you do between you and yourself and not just what you do in the presence of people.

Whichever way you see it, fighting corruption is godly, and starts with the self. People of God, make a note. Don’t you compromise.

Sociological tool for self assessment

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