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Education, tutors, and The Educational System has failed Graduates

I Sue The Educational System forcing A fish to Climb Trees

Education, tutors, and The Educational System has failed Graduates



What is school for ? Are you pretty sure our system of education can holistically solve the problems of humanity? Just to think of it, Education is developed by certain category of people forcing the whole humanity to think in a certain way, act in a similar way and appreciate the believes and conducts they believed are best. Why to say “Education, tutors, and The Educational System has failed Graduates?”

Educational System forcing A fish to Climb Trees?




Can Mathematics and Science do the magic here? Hell no! Who taught the founders of the subjects? In their own thinking out of their own approach and passion sat to imagine how things like figures and letters can be combined to communicate. Does it means they are the only intelligent people in the universe? Why then must a tutor or parent crucify a child who fails to appreciate the doctrine and philosophy of some Individuals? Society made it appear so other than that it is a mere mental slavery.



Curriculum developed Out of Nothing by people who believed a fish can climb a tree. We all believed that no two people are the same, how then should two people with different capabilities, abilities, imaginations and IQ levels be taught in the same way to encode the same thing at the same placeĀ  and at the same time.




How then should the same people who developed the science as a subject agree to it that genetics is key. Certain valuables and characters are been transmitted from parents to their offspring. Even that, these offsprings have different finger prints and different genetic codes significantly different from that of their parents.



If it is really true that, these same traits affect memory, psychomotor and cognitive development, who has the power to change them? The powerless and nothingless left before society is to accept, think, act, and behave in conformity with what was developed since time memorial. It is rather unfortunate that, The science we learnt at Junior High School 20 years ago still persist in content and approach. We still learn to define atom, osmosis as we use to do 20 years ago. The funny thing is that, we still want our students to be creative and think better than those who existed 100 years ago meanwhile, we are still learning what existed 100 years ago




Has the mathematics change? Pythagoras theory is still the same, we still find the gradient of our graph using Y2-Y1/X2-X1. Those who propounded these ideologies died more than 100 years ago but it is still incumbent for us to know those methodologies, why? Are we progressing or retrogressing?




I dont know how to do it but surely a fish can not teach a goat how to swim. A tutor forcing a potential musician to explain how urine is formed in science to determine his success is a mystery. Failure to do means such great talents will surely die or erode out of the person because he is perceived as a failure. Is that right?



A system of Examination compelling a fish to describe how to climb a tree to a shark.
Examination has become a great tool for establishing competition rather than competent identification. How can leaders resolve this nausea? Dont we have people who can think better to propose strategical subjects with contents that reflect our current existents and needs? Should we continue to use what was developed 100 years ago thinking we are developing?



What we are learning today was developed to suit the archaic period or period with less to nothing technological advancement. No sophisticated technology and machinery existed that time, so cant we also develop our modernize system of subjects to help us debunk the fact that we are out of archaic period?



I wish our Education Ministry together with GES will Watch this video and pick some thing out of it. Try and share this content and video to help save the country.


Education, tutors, and The Educational System has failed Graduates

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Forcing The Fish To Climb a Tree such is our Educational System


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