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The cry of the married woman, listen and save her! L

The cry of the married woman, listen and save her!


Marriage we believe is a social bond  and a legal contract. But unfortunately, marriage today depicts the association of the jangle. Who will save the married woman? The cry of the married woman is far heard.

There are married women who sleep in a pool of tears everyday. They wake up with saddened hearts and full of depression because their husbands do not give them the needed attention and love they need to enjoy their marriages.

They live like widows because of the treatment they undergo in their marriages just because of a so called lady the husband has come across as a ‘side chick.’

The only thing that indicates such women are married is the rings on their fingers and the stakeholders involved their marriages. They are aware their husbands are cheating, gone ahead to make confrontations, but to no avail.

The cry of the married woman,

Apparently, they go to bed with heavy hearts, whispering curses and burdens upon these ‘side chicks’ following their husbands.

If you are in the shoes of the ‘side chick,” you may think you are just exploiting one ‘irresponsible’ and ‘foolish’ man who has nothing good to do with his money but rather spend it on you.
You might not know the effects of the cake you are biting but when karma comes at you, taking it’s place and position in your life, you would then realize how much of a wasteful life you lived all those years.

The cry of the married woman on your head will not be in vain until you repent.
You might joke with them and overlook them now but beware that no one can cheat nature.

Many women are striving via all possible means to understand the reasons behind their marital instability. Some are looking for dead people to apologize for them to have their destinies restored.

The cry of the married woman,

It is real, you can’t destroy someone’s marriage and have yours intact. You can’t cause someone else’s pain and expect to have a happy marriage. You can’t give people sleepless nights in their matrimonial homes and dream of a night of love and affections in your marriage. Karma will surely have his way into your life until you repent.

Married men will give you short period of better moments but a longer bitter period. Be warned and stay out of that before you become a product of people’s curses.

Maybe a married man is following you in order to have his way in your life, understand that he doesn’t care about your future. He only craves the pleasurable moments he wants to have with you now. Don’t allow yourself to have your destiny ruined just because of these short time benefits.The cry of the married woman, listen and save her!
Stay away from married men, trust God and make your life better.


What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

The cry of the married woman,

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