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Understanding the woman episode one


Understanding the woman! Episode one.




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On the surface, women are the most complex beings that exist on this planet. However, when you get the chance to understand the mind set of the average female, you will get to know that they are not as complicated as you think. Understanding the woman ?


Nevertheless, the greatest need of a woman is the need for security; financial, physical, spiritual and material.

This is why most women tend to gravitate towards financial or material wealth. Because money tend to be aquated with security to a large extent by a woman. Understanding the woman.

Women also tend to desire nurturing and acceptance in a warm loving relationship from the man of her dreams. Naturally speaking, the average woman is not as physically fit or strong as her male counterpart.


As such she tend to seek for a male who can provide her with her needs and wants as well as physical protection from  other males who may want to take advantage of her. Emotionally, women are programmed to seek validation through their relationship with others.


While women have a tendency to share and experience a greater feeling of fulfillment through their relationships with their parents, colleagues, siblings and other people with whom they come across in their life time, it however remains that, due to the nature and purpose of marriage, her marriage relationship appears to be one of the most potentially fulfilling and validating relationship a woman could ever find her self in.

Note that, I used the word “potentially” in the preceding sentence because, while some women find this fulfillment in their marriage experience, some others do not.

A woman tend to be more emotionally involved in issues that concern her and others.


As most men already know, women are very easily influenced by what they hear rather than by what they witness or experience to be the truth.

Thy also have away of denying reality or choosing to believe what they want to  as far as their relationships are concerned.


A woman often doesn’t want to believe that, there is anything wrong with her relationship and prefers to believe that, all is well even when she knows deep down inside that, it isn’t.


This might very well be one of the reasons why a woman will hang on to an abusive man even when she knows that, her life is in danger.


They always have the hope that, it will be better one day.Those in worse relationships believe wholeheartedly that, one day, their relationships would be super excellent, mean while in reality, it does not work that way.

One characteristic of most women is the habit of denial. Most women prefer to give another interpretation or reason for why certain things are happening.

Understanding the woman

They often see the answer to the question they are seeking an answer to right before them but rather than accepting the apparent truth, they prefer to seek other explanations for the obvious and only end up deceiving and hurting themselves.


Psychologist concluded that, women think deep while men think far. A woman thinks of now but thinks in depth into the now so that she tends to read more accurately into present times.

Love and attention. However, it is crucial to note that, women don’t end up completely forgetting the place of love and friendship in relationships.


I have heard stories of women who ended up with men who had all the flamboyant success in this world but ended regretting it at the end of the day.

Such women ended up marrying men who had all the material wealth you can talk of but did not love or care a bit for them and as such found themselves in a situation where they could not enjoy the wealth they found themselves surrounded by.

Understanding the woman,

More women will make a wise choices in their choice of dating or marriage partners once they they put true love back in the equation and allow it  rightful place in the scheme of things as far as marriage and courtship are concerned.

To be continued in Episode two

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