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Video of Samira Bawumia’s Graduation Ceremony at London.

Video of Samira Bawumia's Graduation Ceremony at London.

Video of Samira Bawumia’s Graduation Ceremony at London.




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Watch the Video of Samira Bawumia’s Graduation Ceremony at London which took everybody by surprise. Surprisingly, all these while, Ghanaians were not aware that Samira Bawumia was seriously climbing the educational ladder. By taking into consideration the critics from the mass regarding to Samira furthering her education in london, it seems there exist  asymmetrical correlation between her attackers and her encouragers.



Samira’s decision to further her education was kept very secretive until these days. The previous rumours circulating her education was that she was studying for her masters degree which was false.



The current evidence had it that, Hajia Samira Bawumia started studying for her Bachelors degree in law at london in early 2018. One could bear with me that of late she was no more active in Ghana and so was her husband. During those periods the second lady of the Republic of Ghana was seriously preparing for her future, who knows she may one day become a president of Ghana or the vice president when the husband becomes the president.



On a more serious note, the women has a good heart and was doing alot more for this country. She has been running orphanage centres and helping millions of the needy.



Some Ghanaians were complaining that she was using the tax payers monies all that while living a lucrative life abroad. This proverbially tells that, the rock in the middle of the sea does not know how dried the land is. However, some people also believe that, it was due to her hard work that she was able to achieve this height. Looking at her absolute control over grammer as english language is concerned, it gives simple connotation that she deserves what she had acquired.



We pray that she will use this law she have had to fight for the vulnerable and transform the country.


Watch her graduation ceremony

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