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When is GES Recruiting Graduate Teachers from Universities.

When is GES Recruiting Graduate Teachers from Universities.

When is GES Recruiting Graduate Teachers from Universities.



Plans for recruiting graduate teachers into the various Senior High Schools is the country’s major priority. One may be forced to ask;  When is GES Recruiting Graduate Teachers from Universities into the Senior High Schools?


Well, as it stands now, almost every Senior High School across the country has teaching vacancies to be filled.
Some what along the line last year, The ministry of Finance headed by Ken Ofori Atta granted financial clearance to Ministry of Education under the leadership of Opoku Amankwa to recruit 16, 850 teachers into the service.


When is GES Recruiting Graduate Teachers from Universities.

Following the resent financial clearance issued by ministry of finance, it was mandatory that three barges of recruitment is done to replace the vacuum created in our educational system in Ghana. These three set of recruitment were going to be manifested into; Basic schools, TVET Schools and SHS’s.


This recruitment was needful to kick off in order to restore the deficit  in human labour in our Schools  said, the minister of Education during an interview on Wontumi TV.


Basic Schools Recruitment.

The minister stated that, our population is increasing at a very faster rate so is the demand of teachers to occupy the classrooms. He added that they wanted to recruit teachers from both government and Private teacher training colleges into the Basic levels of which they did passionately.



Recruitment of Teachers into TVET schools.

The recruitment of teachers into TVET Schools became very paramount as the  Ministry of Education wanted to merge all the National Vocational Training Institutes (NVTI), National Youth Authority (NYA) Schools, Social Welfare Schools as well as Women Training institutes to be managed and administered by Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET.)


When is GES Recruiting Graduate Teachers from Universities.

This great transformation demands extra workforce. Teacher recruitment into this organization started around November, 2022 through to January 2023. Currently speaking, some of the teachers recruited into the TVET Schools are reporting into the various Schools every now and then.


Recruitment into Senior High Schools

The ministry of education said on wontumi TV that, the 16,850 teachers to be recruited, a good number of them will be recruited into the FSHS to help government achieve his campaign promise. He was asked whether the number of teachers to be recruited was adequate and he said ” that is what they gave us, and we hope to recruit the graduate teachers into the SHS by January ending or February, 2023



When is GES Recruiting Graduate Teachers from Universities.

This statement signifies that, plans are put into place to recruit graduates by February into the SHS’s.


I wish all qualified individuals to get ready for the recruitment. However, before you will qualify for this recruitment, you should have done one year mandatory National Service, sat for Teacher Licensure Examination and have pass, you should have a minimum of first degree certificate( master’s  and PHD holders may be an added advantage)
We will keep updating you on any later development.


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