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17 Signs You Have Found Your SoulMate

Seventeen Signs You Have Found Your SoulMate

Found Your SoulMate?

You need your soulmate to become a better person in life. Spiritually speaking, even before you were born, your spiritual half has been determined.

Each soul has a perfect match.

Although most people think of a soulmate as a perfect harmonious Bliss, your true spiritual soulmate is the person who Is intended to help you “complete yourself”. Most often, without soulmate, one is unable to complete his mission in life alone.

Being in a honest, sincere and committed soulmate relationship helps you to become a better version of your self. But this journey is not all that easy.

You have to push yourself beyond your comfort find your better half. Even though we tend to think of soulmate as a symbiotic union, soulmate relationship can be rough at the beginning.


Found Your SoulMate?


Sometimes, It looks like you do not fit together at all. But soon as a little bit of twisting, turning and flipping the pieces round, you feel the moment of the perfect click.

It is a feeling deep in your soul that says ” this is the the right one. Often soulmate appear in disguise.

You might not be physically attracted to each other when you first meet, but there is a mysterious force pushing you forward.

That tells you, ‘ this is the right one’ for you.

17 Signs You Have Found Your SoulMate


1) You just know it.

Something deep inside tells you, this is the perfect match for you. It is as if there is a spiritual force pushing you. Some times deep inside you tells you this is a perfect one for you.

To let go of everything you previously expected  and to give off your self completely.


2) You Have crossed path before.

Not all, but most soulmates have met each other at previous times. You may not have connected but you were in the same place at the same time.

Couple experience: before my husband and I met, we live across the street from each other, and work across the street from each other, yet we never met until the time was right.


3) Your Souls meet at the right time. Each other has to be ready to receive the Soul connection. The couple story above shows that, even though, there were in close proximity of each other for many years but they did not meet until the time was right for both of them.

You have to be prepared to meet your soulmate. It could be that be that you have to go through a relationship that doesn’t work out. Note that when it comes to Soul mate, timing is everything.

Found Your SoulMate?

4) Your quiet space is a peaceful place.

Being quiet together is comforting like a fluffy down blanket on a cold Winter night.


5) You can hear the other person’s silence and thought.

With soulmate, there is such depth to your relationship that you can feel and hear what your partner is thinking about, even if it is not verbally we expressed.


6. You feel each other’s pains.

You Stand in each other there’s shoe, you know each other so well that, the second he/she walks into the room, you can tell how his/her day was.

You feel each other’s feelings, sadness, worries and stress. And you share each other’s happiness and joy.


7) You know each other’s flaws and the benefits in them.

Yes! It is true! Your flaws have some benefits. Every trait has a positive as well as a negative aide. It is the task of each person to always look for the good even when things don’t look so good.


8) You share the same life goals.

Meaning you are on the same page of values ethics and goals. You may have different ways of achieving those goals but the altemate thing is, you all want the same end result.


9) flexibility to initiate and maintain conversation with the person.

Attempting to make decisions should not be uncomfortable. The person should be some one you can easily speak to, and also be listen to. Soulmates understand that, if they join hands together, they will be able to work to things out even in difficult times.

Found Your SoulMate?

10) You are not threatened by the need for break-up.

You respect each other’s needs for independence. You must enjoy each other’s company than any one else. Some one you wish to be around all the time.


11) You don’t experience jealousy.

No matter how beautiful and handsome people you come across, you still believe you have the most special person in your heart.


12) you respect each other’s differences and ok pinions.

Soulmates are polar opposite. These are the times you have to accept the differences and let the other half complete you. You listen and honour the differences.


13) You don’t scream courses or threaten each other with divorce unless it becomes obviously life threatening.

People unintentionally hurt each other. But soulmates aren’t nasty, hurtful or punitive.


14). You give in because, you want to make your partner happy.


15) Knowing how to apologize.

It is not easy to say ” I am sorry” or to admit, but you have to, if you did something to the one you truly love.., just for peace to prevail.


16) You would marry each other again.

You knowing this person is the one and only one for you, Even during though times you will choose your partner again. You feel a sense of pride in your partner.

Found Your SoulMate?

17) you complete each other.

Your partner fills in your blanks. No person is perfect we all have our strengths and weaknesses. One person may be introvert while the other is extrovert.

Soulmates are are often opposite that are attracted to a person who has their missing pieces. Being in each other’s arms washes away all your stress, worries and anxiety.



Bottom line

The bottom line is that, when two right Souls are together, there is a warmth in their heart and inner feelings or peace they can fell. No words need to be spoken. All these exist in a silent, blissful union of two souls together.




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