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23 Signs of a matured and reliable person

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23 Signs of a matured and reliable person



1. Meet Deadlines

Many students and workers struggle with deadlines for various reasons–laziness, procrastination, lack of time management, and emotional burden. Nevertheless, a mature person will make sure to complete their tasks on or before deadlines no matter what happens.


2. Honors Commitments


A mature individual has a word of honor. When they say “yes” to something, they will not step back from it. They will give their 100% to their commitments.


3. Has A Grateful Heart

Moreover, maturity makes people realize that they should rather be thankful for the good things rather than focus and constantly complain about the bad ones. They are wise enough to understand that life is tough, so they must celebrate every small blessing or happiness.


4. Fulfills Promises

A mature person does not only honor commitments but also keeps their promises. They understand the weight of vows so they will not break them.


5. Open-Minded

You would see that a person is mature if they are aware that they do not know everything or are not always correct. They can listen to others’ ideas without bias and prejudice.


6. Can Take Criticisms Constructively

An individual is also mature if they are not easily discouraged by complaints and criticisms. Instead of being overly sensitive, they bravely receive those criticisms and use them to evaluate themselves. They know that these criticisms have lessons that can help them improve.



7. Not Fond Of Making Excuses

A mature person can take full accountability for their failures. They know better than make excuses to defend themselves. They can humbly apologize and admit mistakes without blaming others or circumstances.



8. Talks Less But Listens More

Sometimes, people do not need advice but just listening ears. A mature individual understands this to know when to shut their mouth and just let the other party express themselves. Also, they are cautious in expressing their points, so they listen carefully first before saying anything.



9. Not Easily Offended

Another sign that a person is already mature is when they are not easily offended by criticism, sarcasm, and bad jokes. They do not let what others say affect them. They filter what they hear and just ignore those that will not benefit them.


10. Can Laugh At One’s Self

A mature person acknowledges that they are not perfect. For this reason, they do not dwell in disappointment long whenever they commit a mistake. To make things lighter, they can laugh at themselves for silly mistakes, such as their embarrassing moments.
Respects Others’ Differences




11.One more indication that someone is mature is respecting the differences among people’s cultures, beliefs, principles, and abilities.

Therefore, they do not insist on their ideas or mock others for having different views.



12. Knows Priorities

Furthermore, a person is mature if they know and stick to their priorities. They can set aside other commitments if in conflict with their priorities. For instance, they can say “no” to a get-together with friends if the schedule conflicts with their family bonding.




13. *Does Not Compete With Others*

A mature person understands that everyone has their own timeline for success. Therefore, they do not consider others as rivals. Instead, they genuinely support and encourage others to pursue their dreams.




14. Finishes Whatever Is Started

Being a good starter is not enough to be called mature. Someone mature makes sure to finish all their tasks no matter what it takes. They do not allow procrastination and discouragements to stop them.





15. Does Not Take Advantage Of Others

Another quality of a mature person is using power responsibly. They understand that being in a high position does not allow them to use people to get what they want. They do not take advantage of others’ weaknesses.
Celebrates The Success Of Others*

A mature individual is not jealous of others’ success? Aside from supporting and encouraging other people to succeed, they are also happy for them whenever they achieve something.




16. Can Stay Peaceful And Calm

It takes maturity to be patient and control temper at times of conflict. People who can manage to remain calm and gentle despite out-of-control problems are mature. They understand that panicking and being impatient will not get them anywhere.




17. Willing To Make Sacrifices For The Greater Good

A mature individual is willing to sacrifice when needed for the good of others, especially their loved ones. They are selfless and more focused on how they can contribute to the needs around them than their own gains.




18. Shares Blessings With Others

Mature people understand that whatever they have are blessings from God. Since they are selfless and grateful, they are not hesitant to give to the needy whenever their resources permit. They can sympathize with those who lack, so they want to help.





19. Rather Talks About Ideas Than People

Another sign of maturity is the kind of interest that a person has. Mature individuals would rather talk about ideas and solutions to problems rather than the lives of other people.





20. Knows Limitations

Mature people respect the rights of others. Therefore, they are cautious not to step beyond the lines. They know when to shut their mouth and respect others’ views. They know when to step back and let others do their work. Also, they know when to give others the space they deserve.




21. Stays Focused And Consistent*

A mature person knows their goals. They will work hard to attain them and make sure to stay away from distractions. Even when they are unmotivated, they will persist in aiming for their goals.




22. Teachable And Accepts Corrections

Another sign that someone is mature is when they admit that they do not know everything. They have a teachable heart and listen even to those younger than them. Moreover, they accept failures and mistakes. They allow others, especially those in authority over them, to correct them.




23. Keeps Feet On The Ground

You would know that someone is mature if they do not let achievements and praises get into their heads. They can remain humble and approachable despite success and prestige.
Maturity Is A Way Of Life

Age is not the best factor of maturity. Some people stay immature even in old age. On the other hand, there are even youths who show more maturity than adults. So, what makes a person mature?

Maturity is often the result of learning life lessons and deciding to apply them in life. These lessons are often caused by hardships and the kind of environment that one lives in.

Therefore, if you want to be mature, you need to learn from your past mistakes and your environment. Then, make sure to live your life according to the wisdom you get from them.

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