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Foreign Education verses African Education.

Foreign Education verses African Education. A Short Video of the Difference.



Foreign Education Verses African Education comparatively gives a vivid prescription of why the rate of growth and development in these two different jurisdictions differs abnormally.



No wonder that, formal education is an imposed culture from the foreign world to Africa during colonialism. There is no denying of the fact that education has brought drastic charge to Africa and the world as large.


Foreign educational system.

Foreign education emphasize more on technical known-how. Their system of education is to help solve societal problems of man to make life easier and faster. This has breed to the  creation of machinery to lessen the burden of man in agriculture.


Farming tools and equipment are produced hugely to rectify the difficulty of farming. Apart from the machinery, they dipped into the production of fertilizer to boost productivity.


It has also led to the production of agro chemicals for stoping the damage of our crops by fungi, insects, rodents and even weedicite to control weeds. They have finally provided a gallant solution to the problems of man in agriculture sector.


Foreign Education verses African Education

In the education system, they learnt to produce both simple and sophisticated mechanisms to make teaching and learning easier and faster. This has brought about the creation of the internet for easy assess of information. This was possible through the launching of different satellites in space.



Computers, phones, robotics and other tools were created to give solution to mans problem.


In the medical field, they have to establish vibrant health sectors fully stocked with complicated machines that will aid identify and solve the problems of the complex human anatomy. Various drugs were produced based on their scientific and technological findings to treat sickness with less harm to the delicate human organs.


Complete set of deeper and stronger study has been completely established to take care of the human anatomy to reduce premature death.

Foreign Education verses African Education.picture of the difference

Foreign Education verses African Education

In the field of communication and transport, their efforts can not be underrated. Different transport systems like cars, airplanes, ships motorbike and the like were invented.



Besides, various technological tools were also invented to help man to live in comfort and satisfaction.


One must note that, their system of education is to find long lasting solution to mans problems.



Come to Africa. Africans educational System.

Africans Education is meant to creat problems for man. This shows clear distinction between the two systems.


Africans are good in coping verbatimely from foreign world but have deliberately refused to copy foreign  educational system. Foreign marriage rites, way of dressing, foods and sexual techniques were copied. We copy their sex skills through porn sites and even become perfect in bed than them.


Foreign Education verses African Education

Lets look at some of the problems we creat: illegal mining leading to the destruction of our water bodies and lands, Wrongful preparation of herbal medicines which eventually destroy the kidney, the liver, the lungs as well as the heart. After creating these problems,we need specialist from foreign world to solve them.


In our educational system, we are interested in theoretical, neglecting the practical skills. Due to this, we lack creativity, innovation and skills to creat. We learn to draw insects like grasshopper excellently like how it was created but  can not produce a substance to kill this same insects when they invade our farms.



We can draw cockroach very well with all details intact but fails to solve a single disease caused by cockroach.


Our great interest is in witch craft, depending on magical powers, juju and other Spiritism. Quick money is the agenda of the day leading to human sacrifice. Arm robbery is our daily bread because we can not use our brains to creat or solve problems but can creat difficult problems like arm rubbery, killing scandals and the like.


In the Foreign world, knowledge is shared hence their success. They are joyous to share what they know. Africans are professionally arrogant, selfish and the like. Our leaders are happy to scrutinize our gains for their betterment neglecting the less privileged.

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Political bias, tribalism, nepotism, lands and chieftaincy dispute are our taste. Until Africans start to think upright and adopt problem solving educational system, we will continue to be inferior and poor.

Foreign Education verses African Education

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