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After Drinking or Eating Poison, What to Do Next To Prevent Death.

After Drinking or Eating Poison, picture of the effect of poison on humans

After Drinking or Eating Poison, What to Do N‎ext To Prevent Death: A Great Herbalist Advice with Video.


After Drinking or eating poison, it does not necessarily means that, there is no hope for you. This information is very important to every one . We are in a world where one can not fully monitor what may happen to him or her at any point in time.



The rate at which great personalities are lossing their lives through poisoning is very alarming and unbelievable. This is common especially when it comes to team work dominance. Alot of teachers, doctors, physicians, engineers, politicians, musicians, footballers and actors have lost their lives through poisoning.



People who are public figures or those who are dominant in their field or those who perform extraordinarily are easily victimized. If you are doing excellently in what ever profession you are, be extra careful in your actions, reactions and interactions.

After Drinking or Eating Poison, picture of the effect of poison on humans

After Drinking or Eating Poison,

Human beings are very dangerous. This is a habitual trait exhibited by majority of the people. Most often than not, people who are very closer to us and can easily pinpoint at our weakness are the primary agents of this inhuman behaviour. This person can be a close relative or close friend.



People have various flimsy reasons for doing that. One may try to eliminate you because you are vowing for a position he or she is interested in. With the fact that you are an influential person with a high likelihood of getting a position, out  jealousy, one can assassinate you.



Occupying a public office has the tendency for you to be poisoned. Some one may also do that out of hitreds. One can just hit you for no reasonable reason. One can poison you based on the properties you have, like your cars, mansions, wife or even children.



Alot more people were victimized through this and they are no more. Note that, one can even hire your housemate or anyone closer to you, to do this job on his or her behalf for just a miniature prize.


After Drinking or Eating Poison,

Never trust any one on this regard. Wives are poisoning their husbands and the vice versa.

Now that we are aware that, any one at all can face this challenge, what can you do if the tragedy happens. People who take drugs and other substances like alcohol with friends in public can easily fall in this trap.



Lets be vigilant and behave responsibly.

This practicer herbalist has vividly outlined how to survive this agony. Even if not you, it can happen to your love one. One may also try to commit suicide by drinking a poison.



The trick here is that, immediately this happens to you or a loved one get cassava leaves and you are good to go. Pluck a single cassava leaf, chew and swallow the juice. Note that, the cassava leaves with red stalk is the magic here.

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After taking this inside, you will vomit out all the poison. Do this before sending the person to the hospital to save life. This is a first add for you. Chew and swallow the juice. Cassava leaves are also good option for stomach ache relieve. Take about five of the leaves and chew them simultaneously. Less than 30minutes, you will experience relieve.

After Drinking or Eating Poison,


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