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Common Plants and Common Diseases they Repel

Plants and Common DiseasesPlants and Common Diseases

Common Plants and Common Diseases they Repel

Common plants and common diseases they can surely combat. The Human body is subceptible and so fallible. The body is prone to both internal and external parasitic infections.


Knowing the chemical compositions and properties of specified plants will increase your tendency of calminating against certain common illments.


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Some common plants and the healthful roles they play.

1. Carrot and green tea.

Carrot and green tea are help improve the health of the eyes. They improve vision by making the eyes brighter. They reduce the tension on the eyes. They also reduce blood pressure in the lon term.


2. Neem and pawpaw leaves.



They have strong anti- malaria

properties. Get some samples of leaves from pawpaw or neem tree, blend them at their raw state and add water to the mixture. Filter and take the juice three times daily.


3. Onion/ginger and Garlic.

They are good for cough, insect bite, foot rot, rheumatism, abdominal pains, body pains, stomach pains, poor erections, peptic ulcer, gastric ulcer, improves dental health thereby halting the spreading of periodontal diseases as well as H-pylori



4. Bitter leaves and bitter kola.

For strong stomach pains, constipation, ulcers, hypertension and digestion issues. They improve: erectal functions, common cold, flu, and protects the eye with their antioxidants.


5. Local hebiscus (nyayyah)

This plant helps in: stomach pains, post stroke treatment, congenital problems and intestinal bleeding as a results of typhoid.


Common Plants and Common Diseases

6. Cinnamon.

Good for memory health. Helps in learning and recalling during examinations. Good for respiratory
system enhancement. It also regulates blood pressure and improve eye health and ear.



7. Turmeric

Helps in learning, hence good for students. It eliminates toxins in the blood and promotes proper blood circulation. Also good for respiratory system like the lungs, aveoli, trachea, bronchioles etc. It supports the kidney too.



8. Moringa leaves.

Moringa is also called miracle plant. It Improves memory, normalizes male vitality and reproductive health, good for sight and menstrual problems. Help solve skin problems.


9. Maize husk and male inflorescence.


Controls bed wetting in both children and adults. Get sample and boil thoroughly, filter and store for drinking Morning and evening.


Common Plants and Common Diseases

10. Scent leaves.

Regulates: bad dreams, regular shocks, spiritual problems. One Can boil and bath with the water or stock. You can also blend and add water, followed by filtration and storage for drinking.

11. lime/lemon

Use on armpit or on teeth to control odour.
One can add the juice into lukewarm water and drink on empty stomach to boost immune system.

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