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shocking benefits of Neem leaves. This plant is also called miracle plant!

Shocking benefits of Neem leaves.

Shocking benefits of Neem leaves.

Neem leaves and health

shocking benefits of Neem leaves or plants. Neem has more than 100 different compounds. These strong compounds gives Neem it’s miraculous properties

Neem and premature ejaculation as well as impotency

Premature ejaculation is the inability of a man to sustain erection longer enough to satisfy his partner. This problem is faced by about 60percent of men world wide. fix it today!!

Shocking benefits of Neem leaves !!

Impotency in the other hand, is the weakening of the blood vessels of the penis as a result of inappropriate supply of blood to the penis leading to weak stiffness of the penis for sexual performance.

How to use Neem leaves to cure impotency

Wonderfully shocking benefits of Neem leaves


Get three medium leaves of Neem and wash them thoroughly. Get one or two large onions and blend them together with the Neem leaves. Store the mixture in the refrigerator and sip about two mouth full two to three times daily especially On an empty stomach .
There is no denying fact that about 30 percent of men suffer impotency. This  issue of impotency is hardly discussed. There is no chemical substance on the market which can cure impotency. You can treat your Impotency using Neem leaves leaves.

Addiction breakage

Are you addicted to a substance? You have a good news. Start using Neem leaves today. Neem leaves can help the brain to produce healthy dopamine. Dopamine are “happy hormones” that change the brain chemistry. Drugs like alcohol and marijuana change your sense of feeling and perception. Regular intake of Neem leaves will clear all those feeling out.
For addiction get about four medium leaves of neem, ginger and onions and blend them together. Sip the mixture as much as needed especially if you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Improves digestion, circulation, skin and hair quality .

It helps build immunity by helping the body to produce antibodies to fight diseases.
Neem contains strong antioxidants that destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses.
According to research, it can be used to reduce the vita load in HIV patients.
Wonderfully shocking benefits of Neem leaves
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Do you also know Why the sky is blue? 

The scientific evidence behind?

The science behind the appearance of the sky!


The atmosphere of the earth and the sun light contribute to this natural phenomenon.


The atmosphere is made up of gases, dust particles, and water droplets.
The gases are nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapour and rare gas. The gases have smaller molecules as compared to the wavelength of sunlight


The sunlight is a mixture of seven different colours with different wavelengths. Red has the highest wavelength and violet has the lowest wavelength.
When sunlight passes through the gases in the atmosphere, it is scattered into seven component colours.
Blue, indigo and violet have shorter wavelengths hence higher scattering power.Blue is very sensitive to the eyes than violet and indigo. The sun emit more blue light hence more blue light is scattered by the molecules of the gases in the atmosphere. This results in the blue colour of the sky as seen on our planet.
 The physics behind the Blue colour of the sky.
This is possible per Rayleigh law of scattering.
Scattering is a process where by light is absorbed by an item and remit it back in different directions.
Rayleigh law states that, the amount of scattered light or the intensity of scattered light is inversely proportional to the fourth power of the wavelength of a wave.
It is given by the formula [I×1/^⁴]
If the value of Lambert increases the intensity of the scattering will be lower and if the value decreases the intensity of scattering will be more. The lessee the wavelength, the more will be the scattering and vice versa.

Wonderfully shocking benefits of Neem leaves

Do You also know Why metal like

 aluminum does not rust but iron does

Is it true that aluminum does not rust?

This is because in the presence of Oxygen, Aluminum undergoes through oxidation to produce aluminum oxide. This aluminum Oxide protects aluminum from further oxidation (Al+O2_Al2O3)
Aluminum has an atomic number 13 with valency 3.
It’s valency is 3 because it’s first
Valency is the combining power of an element. Aluminum is a reactive metal.
This is because aluminum shows visible reaction when it comes into contact with atmospheric oxygen, water (moisture), salt solution, acids etc.

What’s about Iron?

Iron actually rust because in the presence of Oxygen, iron rather goes through oxidation to produce Iron oxide. This iron oxide formed does not protect the iron from further deterioration or oxidation hence it will rust.(2Fe+ O2_2FeO)
You can bring suggest questions for solution.

There is no doubt that science helps us understand the world better. Science has made our world a global village. 

Scientific ideas and knowledge has led to the creation of vehicles which serve as a means of transport. Today, the creation of technology had made it possible for over billions of people world wide to be employed. Companies are using technology to show case their businesses in order to promote sales. Science is helping in educational development now than before. Through science, teaching and learning has become easier and faster.


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