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Signs that You are Eating Too Much Salt

Eating Too Much SaltEating Too Much Salt

Signs that You are Eating Too Much Salt

 Signs that You are Eating Too Much Salt : salt is a mineral which adds flavor and taste to foods. Salt is also used to preserve foods, used in soap making and used in the laboratory for so many purposes.
Because salt adds  pleasant taste to the food you eat, many people turn to abuse it. Your body needs a little bit of salt every day. It helps in fluid balance in the body, it also improves nerve functioning and also helps in building strong muscles but consuming it more than needed in a day has a great negative impact on your body.
Consuming too much salt increases your risk of developing chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, osteoporosis, kidney diseases and many more. The body needs about 2300 grams of salt each day, according to the American heart association. Know the signs that you are eating too much salt to detect it on time and avoid its accompanying complications./ Signs that You are Eating Too Much Salt

Some of the signs

1. Swollen eyelid, especially after waking up, swollen feet. Consuming too much salt causes retention of fluid in body tissues. This makes you to feel heavier, have a swollen ankle and sometimes have an indentation when you press on the swollen foot or ankle.
2. Frequent thirst. When you eat too much salt, it draws water from your intestines to your body tissues. It makes you to have a dry mouth and lips. This stimulates the thirst centers in your brain, and this makes you to feel thirsty frequently, especially when you are not doing any hard work which will make you to feel thirsty a lot or if you are not under a hot sun.
3. High blood pressure. When you consume too much salt, it draws water to the body tissues and also increases your blood volume. This makes the heart pump blood harder, and this turns to raise your blood pressure.
4. Sleep disturbance. Consuming too much salt makes you to feel dizzy, especially when waking up. It makes you to wake up in the night to urinate a lot. This interrupts your sleep, and too much salt consumption also makes it difficult for you to fall asleep./ Signs that You are Eating Too Much Salt
5. Digestive problems. Consuming excess salt makes you bloated, have constipation, indigestion and abdominal pains.
6.  Weight gain. Too much salt consumption draws water into your body’s tissues, and this causes fluid retention. This makes you gain weight. If you are putting on weight whilst trying your best to reduce your body weight, check your salt intake as well.
7. Stomach ulcers. Stomach ulcer is a sore in the lining of the stomach. Consuming too much salt causes inflammation of the stomach and this can eventually lead to stomach ulcers and the worst one is stomach cancer.
Minimize your sodium intake if you keep on experiencing these symptoms. Salt acts like a magnet in your body. It draws water to your body’s tissues. Consuming excess salt puts pressure on your heart and also damages your blood vessels and can lead to stroke./ Signs that You are Eating Too Much Salt
If you want to cut your salt intake and you are a fan of processed foods, you need to stop consuming processed foods since they contain a lot of salt. Pizza, French beans, corn beef, mackerel all contain a lot of salt. Salt is used in preserving them.
People with high blood pressure, stroke, kidney disease, stroke, heart disease must stop or minimize their salt intake. It’s advisable for patients with heart disease or heart failure to weigh themselves at home every morning. If they experience weight gain, they should check their salt intake since excess salt can cause weight gain.

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