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6 Ways To Keep Your Brain Healthy And Active

Keep your brain healthy and activeKeep your brain healthy and active

6 Ways To Keep Your Brain Healthy And Active

Everyone has only one brain. Learn to take care of it now. Learn to keep your brain healthy and active.


Most people concern themselves with the health status of other parts of their body or organs while forgetting about the brain, which can be considered by some people as the most important after the heart.


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There are six (6) main ways, as endorsed by the World Health Organization, that can keep your brain in the best of shape, healthy and make the brain active.



1. Keep physically active:  Keeping physically active means that there will be enough blood circulation to the brain to provide it with enough oxygen and nutrients that the brain needs to function at optimum levels. Though blood would circulate to the brain even without enough physical activity, there would definitely be reduced functioning of the brain due to lower levels of oxygen and nutrients in the brain.


2. Eat a healthy diet: the brain indeed needs nutrients to function at its best and these nutrients can only be found in balanced diets.


3. Get enough sleep: Adequate sleep is good for the body and brain to rest and to properly function, according to scientific findings. A tired brain will malfunction.


4. Stimulate your mind: Everyone must be aware that parts of the body that are in constant use develop well to accommodate the demand for use on them. The brain equally works in similar manner. Therefore, regularly stimulating the brain through new tasks can keep the brain function at a higher level than not stimulating the brain.


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5. Look after your heart: Though without the heart, death is the ultimate. A poor functioning heart will equally mean poor blood circulation in the body, which may deny the brain adequate oxygen and nutrients with its consequent negative effect on the brain.


6. Wear a helmet: The human head which contains the brain can easily be crashed during an accident, especially with a motorcycle. Wearing a helmet would protect the skull, and thus the brain, from any accidental damage.


Apply these six measures and your brain function will improve greatly and be fit for any task.

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