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Medicinal Health Benefits of Moringa & Common Diseases it cures.

al Health Benefits of Moringa & Common Diseases it cures.

Moringa is one of the most powerful medicinal plants. Medicinal Health Benefits of Moringa and common diseases it cures can never be under estimated.


It is also called the miracle tree.

It has been used since centuries till today.

Moringa treats various diseases and sickness of all kinds.

Medicinal benefits of Moringa

1. moringa is used to enhance sexual power.

moringa contains powerful antioxidants which support appropriate blood flow.

it treats Impotency, weak erections and premature ejaculation.

Impotency is the inability of the penis to erect for quality sexual performance. Weak erections occurs when enough blood can not be pumped into the penal blood vessels.

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man releases sperms too early that, he can not satisfy the partner.

Some people ejaculate even before inserting the penis into the vagina (before copulation).

Other’s spend less than five minutes before they ejaculate.

Both moringa leaves and seeds perform wonders here.

You can boil a cup full of Moringa leaves and add honey to the mixture. Use it morning and evening about half a cup per serving.

The seeds can be grinded with honey added.

take the mixture about two tea spoons, morning and evening.

Note that, natural ways of solving this problem takes time.

You can start seeing results less than a week time. It can not work faster like chemical Viagra.

Viagra is just a temporary support but moringa eliminates the problem forever.
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Medicinal Health Benefits of Moringa


2. It promotes cardiovascular health.

Moringa is good for heart health. It helps Prevents leukemia and other associates heart infections.

It dilates blood vessels and builds the strength of the blood vessels of the heart.



3. Stabilizes blood pressure.

Moringa tea controls both hypoglycemia, hypotension and hypertension.

It makes the heart to work under normal pressure.

It’s good for people at their menopausal or andropausal stages.

Regular use of Moringa will normalize your blood pressure despite it’s frequency.



4. Relives body pains.

Pain from gums, menstrual cramps and general body pains can be treated with moringa tea.

Moringa contains vitamin C as much as three times as found in citrus and six times as found in cabbage and carrots.

It has a high healing power.

Provides protection against scurvy, night blindness, ricket, anaemia etc.

Moringa Leaves can be used for stews and soups for both children and adults.

It Is also a good option for pregnant women but should not be taken too much during the first trimester.


Medicinal Health Benefits of Moringa


5. Improves the health of the lungs, liver and cures kidney stones.

Moringa is a natural healing remedy for kidney stones.

One must take it consistently.

It helps the Bowman’s capsule in ultra

filtration and selective reabsorption. Mile cirrhosis can be reversed with moringa tea.



6. It improves vision.

Moringa contains high amount of vitamin A.

Vitamin A improves vision and brightens the eye.

It clears the cornea, the retina and reduces the intravascular pressure of the eye.




7. Good for memory development like concentration and recall.

Vitamin B6 and B12 in moringa help in memory.

It helps develop new cells and tissues of the brain and repair damaged ones.

It helps the brain to produce healthy dopamine.

It releases neuron transmitters to awaken the subconscious memory.

All these helps in learning, reasoning and recalling of information.


Medicinal Health Benefits of Moringa


8. Can reverse Mini stroke due to high cholesterol levels.

Most strokes are caused by High unhealthy cholesterol built up.

Fat cells block the blood vessels, making them narrower.

This put tension on the heart to pump beyond normal pressure .

This will consequently lead to the rupture of the blood vessels.

Moringa eliminates all the fats inside the blood vessels to improve blood circulation.



Medicinal Health Benefits of Moringa


9. Taking before work out to slim down.

Regular intake of Moringa tea, followed by work out help burns fat .

One can take moringa tea before exercise and after exercise to help lose weight.

Honey should be added to your moringa tea instead of excessive sugar.




10. Protection against cancerous tumor development.

Numerous research show that, moringa intake can prevent cancer of all kinds especially breast cancer and Colon Cancer.

Cancer is abnormal duplication of cells.

It can affect any part of the body.

The antioxidants in moringa destroys all cancerous cells.




11. To treat gum diseases and tooth decay.

Moringa protects the teeth against bacteria destruction.

Constant taking of Moringa tea improves the health of the mouth hence the teeth. Using moringa stick as a Chewing stick whitens the teeth and prevents bacteria attack.


Medicinal Health Benefits of Moringa


12. Speed up digestion hence prevents constipation.

The fiber content of Moringa gives it power to activate the work of various enzymes for digestion.





13. Enhancement of breast milk supply or formation.

It is believed that, regular use of Moringa leaf for soups and stews helps the mammalian gland to produce enough breast milk.



14. Improves skin and hair development.

Moringa gives the skin its oily natural glow.

Hair follicles are activated by this miracle plant to produce soft, succulent and flamboyant hair.

It protects the skin against dryness, and other skin diseases ranging from eczema, pimples and rashes.




15. Use to treat sores because of its Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.


Medicinal Health Benefits of Moringa &

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