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17 Health benefits of Pawpaw making it to gain Doctors recommendations.

Benefits of PawpawBenefits of Pawpaw

17 Health benefits of Pawpaw making it to gain Doctors recommendations all over the world

Pawpaw or papaya is scientifically called Carica papaya. The most prevailing enzyme making pawpaw outstanding and very special plant is called Papain .17 Health benefits of Pawpaw.


Almost all parts of this plant have medicinal use; Ranging from the roots, leaves, fruits and seeds.

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Some wonderful benefits of pawpaw.

1. It cures completely dengue fever.

Dengue fever is an infection caused by aedes breeds of mosquitoes.

Pawpaw leaves extract or tea works amazingly to treat this fever.

Boil your Pawpaw leaves and take the extract morning and evening.


2. Natural de-wormer

Pawpaw seeds have been used in many centuries to eliminate worms from the body.

Although, The seeds are bitter, they have powerful health benefits .

You can Chew the raw seeds one tea spoon a day.

Thus, half tea spoon morning and half evening. You can also dry the pawpaw seeds and grind them into powder.

Add half tea spoon of the seed powder to porridge or tea and take it twice daily.


3. Reduced risk of heart related diseases.

Papaw leaves contain a strong Antioxidant called acetogenin which is proven to protect the heart against Alzheimers.

It ensures adequate supply of blood to and from the heart.


It strengthens all the four Chambers of the heart namely, right auricle, right ventricle, left auricle and left ventricle.


It dilates the pulmonary artery, the pulmonary vein, the aorta and superior and anterior vena cava.


4. Lowers blood sugar levels hence prevents diabetes.

Pawpaw leaves extract works wonders for diabetic Patients.

The extract regulates insulin levels. This helps bring complications of diabetes such as liver and kidney damages to a halt.

Pawpaw extract is good for everyone.


Benefits of pawpaw

5. Very effective in reducing inflammation.

Pawpaw fruit and seeds are proven to possess the capability of destroying free radicals associated with bacteria- diseases and cancer causing agents.

Pawpaw is rich in vitamin C, and compounds like carotenoids, flavonoids, alkaloids and polyphenols.

All these compounds have anti-inflammatory properties.


6. Remedy to hypertension and its related strokes.

The greenish nature of the leaves of pawpaw gives it the power to open or dilate blood vessels.

Pawpaw seeds or leaves extract burns fat in the blood vessels and other vital organs.

This helps the heart to work under normal pressure.

Stroke is mostly caused by the constriction of blood vessels which pawpaw extract regulates.


7. Cures menstrual cramps and pains.

Do you experience menstrual pains or abdominal pains during your period?

If yes! Pawpaw leaves extract is the best option for you.


8. It has a strong anti-malarial effect and also increases the platelet count.

Both pawpaw seeds and leaves extract fight against the plasmodium parasite which causes malaria.

This have be in use for treating malaria for years.

During dengue fever, the platelet count normally depreciates significantly.

This can be easily restored by taking enough papaya leaves extract.

Platelets help in blood clotting when injured. Inadequate amount of platelets in the blood reduce the bodies ability to clot blood.


Benefits of pawpaw

9. Supports digestion.

The enzyme papain and chymonpapain have both been shown to enhance digestion, clean the large intestine and prevent constipation.


10. Helps in healing and preventing ulcers.

The antibacterial property of papaya extract makes it capable of destroying the H- pyloric bacteria that causes ulcers.

Note that, the extract should be taken on regular basis.

11. Protection against skin damage.

Papaya keeps the entire body healthy.

It protects the skin against wrinkling, sagging and smoothens the skin giving it a brighter effect.

Vitamin C and lycopene in pawpaw protects the skin against signs of aging.


12. It boost the body’s immune system

Any green vegetable and most fruits strengthens our immune system.

This is so because of their powerful antioxidants.


Benefits of pawpaw

13. The unripe papaya fruit is used as vegetable to prepare soups and stews.

It is very delicious and nutritious as well.


14. Can help remove dark spots on the skin.

this is done by drying pawpaw seeds and grind them into powder.

Add honey onto the powder and Use the mixture on the spot areas.

You can also bath with a boiled pawpaw leaves water to cure all kinds of skin diseases.


15. Though meats are moisturized in papaya leaves extract before cooking.

This makes the meats to cook faster.

This is so because, the enzyme papain will convert the protein into peptides and amino acids.


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16. Good for People with bloated stomach.

People suffering from stomach upset can take pawpaw extract to neutralize the stomach antacid.

After taking too much meat too, it is advisable to take pawpaw extract to facilitate digestion.


Benefits of pawpaw

17. The roots of pawpaw are used to strengthens toddlers.

The roots are normally boiled and the water use to bath toddlers.

This helps them to be physically and physiologically strong and free from sickness.

It also help children to walk faster when they are delaying to walk.

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