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Retirement syndrome Kills faster than vampire bite  

Retirement syndrome is very dangerous and Kills faster than vampire bite

Until the rotten tooth is removed, the mouth must chew with caution. Anything thing that has a beginning, surely has an end. It is really surprising and emphatically unbelievable that,  the retirement syndrome is always at the door step of the government worker.

Sixty years is just at the corner. Afterwards,  the retirement syndrome will rear its  ugly head. If the frog in front falls in a pit, the one behind takes caution. Why people die shortly after retirement? Could it be that, it is as a result of  maximized stigmatization of the complicated and most sophisticated disease beyond modern technology called “retirement Syndrome?”

Free yourself from this syndrome!

1. one day you will retire.

You won’t be going to work. You won’t have office power any more. No influence or at best, a reduced influenced. Your cash flow will also reduce.! Check retirement date on your payslip.

Retirement syndrome

2. Always go for your 30days annual leave.

Whatever you do during your leave, is what you will be doing when you retire. If all you do is to sleep or watch TV, then that’s what you are likely to do in your retirement. Remember this prophetic saying: A little sleep and a little slumber, so shall your poverty multiply.
Watching Generations, Rythm City, football and the like will not save your heartache in retirement.

Learn a trade or a skill during your leave. It will come handy. Spend your after-office hours learning something. Don’t spend it sleeping, Gossiping, watching TV!! Same goes for your weekend. Make them productive. You will thank yourself for spending your time productively.

Retirement syndrome

3. Invest for your retirement.

your children are not retirement investment. Don’t bank on your children’s support or the support of friends or relations. That’s a BIG risk. It may not happen.

Be ready to take care of yourself!! Everyone has his own responsibilities. They won’t be able to help you that much. You will also lose your dignity and respect if you adopt a life of begging.


4. Start a hobby early in your working days to take you along when you retire.

Rearing chicken, farming or own a shop. Acquire marketable skills ( not useless paper certificates) Etc


5. Where shall you retire?

Build yourself a home. Don’t retire and start to rent a house or refuse to vacate government house. You will be at the mercy of your landlord at a time when your cash flow is not only reduced but unpredictable!!


6. Who shall be your dependants.

By the time you retire, your children should be above 18, and self reliant if possible to drastically lessen the unforseen consequences accompanied by this event.


7. Don’t retire and stay in a big city

unless you can TRULY afford it. You can’t continue living in a big city after 60 with limited financial resources. The language and the hustle will be hard for you. Where possible, Relocate to a less expensive town where your reduced take home (pension) can go further.

Retirement syndrome

8. Have property which can be rented or converted into cash.

Have shares that pay good dividends. Plant cash trees. Rear goats, cultivate vegetables etc. these activities will not only give you income but will also keep you healthy.


9. Live a simple life.

If you never built a house at your rural home, dont use your retirement package to build. It is unwise unless you plan to live there on a permanent basis or you are super rich and therefore can afford the luxury. The choice is yours.

Note that many of retirees die early out retirement syndrome because of the following:

1. They are Not mentally prepared to retire.

2. Lack of finances

3. They Lapse into Depression

4 They develop Hypertension/ Diabetes because of worries, anxiety and uncertainty “and financial pressures.

Your desk at your workplace is not permanent

Retirement syndrome

To sum up the generic pieces of advice:

1. What are you retiring into? In other words, do you have your own house?

2. What are you retiring on? In other words, do you have a ready and steady source of income?

Most often than not teachers are highly venerable to retirement syndrome, think of it and sequentially, compartmentalize space against that risk period for a stitch in time saves nine.

Retirement syndrome

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