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Ashanti Regional GNAT President Lambasting NTC for Workshop Organization – audio

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Ashanti Regional GNAT Secretary Lambasting NTC for Workshop Organization – audio


Ashanti Regional GNAT secretary raised the hidden concerned that, it is unfair and unprofessional for NTC to consistently organize paid workshops for teachers in the country and forcefully make them to attend.


He made pronouncement that, the NTC paid workshop is not compulsory for teachers to attend. He was furious over this incident following the terrible incident which just happened recently at Kwadaaso when NTC organized a paid workshop that attracted GHC70 for building only  two points.


Some NTC members inhuman treatment given to teachers is unbearable. They tend to intimidate teachers.



Ashanti Regional GNAT Secretary


Picture of the Logo of GNAT


The secretary Made mentioned that, NTC did not employ any teacher into the education system hence has no authorized mandate to threaten teachers over workshop attendance.


Workshops for teachers only becomes compulsory when organized by the sole employer, which is Ghana Education Service. It is only GES which has constitutional audacity to organize compulsory workshops for teachers in the country based on merit.


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This can attract penalization based on the dichotomy it is emanating from.


Ashanti Regional GNAT Secretary


GES workshop will also not attract any payment, he emphasized.
He also blamed teachers for being timid and engaging themselves in any form of workshops without questioning the tenacity of the source.


The moon moves slowly but untill day breaks it crosses the sky. He added that, if you are instituted in an office, just take note that, it is only a privilege bestowed onto you. One very day, you will automatically vacate and leave that office as it was left before you occupied, he exclaimed!


Teachers only continue to blame GNAT over trivial impediments forgetting to play their own roles.

NTC threatens constantly that teachers will loose their job over point building over a specified period. This is actually impossible and childish. They are just puting fear and panic in teachers so as get teachers to attend their workshops massively in order harvest their economic gains, so he added.

Ashanti Regional GNAT Secretary


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