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Best brain science mock may 2022 questions and answers

Best brain science mock may 2022

Section A objectives. Best brain science mock may 2022.

1.a. the table below contains the first ten elements in the periodic table.

I. Write the names and the chemical symbols of elements 1′ 3, 6 and 8

Ii. Draw the electronic configuration of elements one and eight in the table

III. What is the group name of elements two and ten in the table above?

IV. Name the elements in the table above that are metals.

V. A common compound in every day life is formed from a reaction between elements one and eight

a. Name the substance formed

b. Write a word equation for the reaction

c. Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction.

b. The diagrams below are illustrations of some farm tools. Study the diagrams carefully and answer the questions that follow

I. Identify each of the tools labeled A, B, C and D.

Ii. State the use of each of the tools labeled A, B, C and D.

III. Briefly describe how tool A is used

IV. State two ways of maintening tool C.

V. State two precautions that must be taken when using D.

c. The diagrams below are illustrations of two different thermometers. Study them carefully and answer the questions that follow.


I. Identify the types of thermometers shown as A and B.

Ii. Name the parts labeled I, II, III, and IV

III. Give two reasons why II is suitable for use in most thermometers

IV. State two reasons why water can not be used in placed of II.

V. State the principle on which thermometers And B work

d. The diagram below represents the process of fertization in a flowering plant. Study it carefully and answer the questions that follow

I. Explain the process shown above

Ii. What is the end product of the process above

III. Identify the parts labeled I, II, III and IV

IV. State the function of each of the parts labeled I and III.

V. Name and explain the process which occurs before the above process.

Solution to question number one. Bece best brain science mock may questions and answers.

1. a. I.

III. Group name of helium and neon

– rare gases or inert gases or noble gases

IV. Elements that are metals

– lithium


V. a. Name of Substance formed

– water

b. Word equation for the reaction

Hydrogen+ Oxygen _Water

c.. balanced chemical equation for the reaction

2H2 + O2_ 2H2O

 Best brain science mock may questions and answers

 b. I. Identification of tools

A- hand fork.

B- sickle

C- Hoe.

D- Knapsack sprayer

Ii. Uses of the tools

A- for stirring the soil

B- for harvesting rice.

C- for weeding

D- for applying pesticides, weedicides, fungicides, and liquid fertilizer on crops.

III. How tool A is used

It is held firmly by the handle and prongs push into the soil. The soil is turn over.

IV ways of maintening tool C

– oiling metal parts

-wash tool after use.

-should be sharpened when blunt

– keep it in a cool dry place outside termites

V. Precautions taken when using tool D.

– spraying should be done in the morning

– wear protective clothing when using the device

– spraying should not be done when it threatens to rain or during windy days

Best brain science mock may questions and answers

c. I. Identification of thermometers

A- laboratory thermometer.

B- clinical thermometer

Ii. Names of the parts labeled

I- glass tube

II- mercy



III. Reasons why mercury (II) is used in most thermometers

– it is opaque

– it is a good conductor of heat

-it has a high boiling point

– it does not wet glass

IV. Why water is not used in thermometers

-it wet glass

– it has abnormal expansion

– it is colourless hence can not be easily seen

– it is sensitive to heat

– it is transparent.

V. Principle used by thermometer I and II to operate

Liquid expands when heated and contracts when cooled

Best brain science mock may questions and answers

d. I. Explanation of the process

Fertilization is the fusion of male and female sex cells to form a zygote. Or it occurs when the male sex cell from the pollen grains flows into the female sex cells in the ovule.

Ii. End product of the process

Fruits and seeds formation

III. Identification of parts

I- pollen grains

II- pollen tube

III- ovary.

V- ovule

IV. Functions of I and II

I- the pollen grains is the male sex cells that fuses with the female sex cells to form a zygote.

II- the ovary contains the ovule

V. Process that occurs before fertization

– pollination- it is the transfer of a matured pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of a matured flower.

Section B theory questions and answers

2. a. I. What is transplanting in vegetable crop production?

Ii. Give two activities needed to ensure successful transplanting.

III. State two characteristics of a good vegetable seedling.

b. Methane burns in air to produce water and carbon dioxide. Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction

c. I. Explain two processes of heat transfer

Ii. Describe two ways in which the thermos flask works to prevent any of  the heat transfer processes.

d. I. Give two difference between a food chain and food web

Ii. Describe how ways of restoring the balance in an ecosystem.

3. a. I. What is neutralization reaction?

Ii. How will you determine that a neutralization reaction is complete?

b. I. Name two breeding places of mosquitoes

Ii. Describe the biological method of controlling mosquitoes

c. I. Give two benefits of soil in agriculture

Ii. State two uses of soil water to plants

III.identify two harmful effects of bush burning on agricultural soils

d. I. Give two uses of knowledge of density in science

Ii. Explain how sinking and floating are related to density.

Best brain science mock may questions and answers

4. a. I. Describe two ways by which seeds can be sown on beds.

Ii. List any two tools used in making vegetable beds

b.i. what is a solvent?

Ii. Mention two industrial Uses of solvents

c. I. How would you use a compass to determine the poles of a magnet?

Describe the stroking method of magnetism

d.i. What is light emitting diode (LED)

Ii. Give two uses of diodes

5.a. I explain two methods of separating liquid-liquid mixtures

Ii. State two separation methods used in gari prossessing

b. Explain why the length of the year differs from planet to planet

c.i. give two benefits of legumes in crop rotation programme.

Ii. State two principles of crop rotation

III. Mention two advantages of crop rotation

d. Explain why an expired air contains more carbon dioxide than inhaled air

6.a. I name four parts of human tooth and give their functions

Ii.state four ways of preventing dental disorder .

b. Explain why the volume of water in a measuring cylinder rises when a stone is dropped into it.

c. I. Explain why gas particles diffuse rapidly.

Ii. State four factors that determine the rate of of diffusion.

d. I. State four benefits of mixed farming

Ii. Give two reasons for controlling weeds on your vegetable farm


Solution to theory questions. Best brain science mock may 2022 examination questions and answers .transplanting is it the act of transferring seedlings from the nursery bed to a permanent field.

Ii. Activities to ensure successful transplanting

– watering the seedlings before transplanting

– water after transplanting

– mulch after transplanting

III. Characteristics of a good vegetable seedlings.

– free from diseases

-viable for growth

– it is high yielding

– free from physical deformity

b. Balanced chemical equation for the reaction

CH4 + 2O2 _2H2O + CO2.

c. I. Two heat transfer processes

– conduction- movement of heat through solids

– convection- movement of heat through liquids and gases

– radiation- the transfer of heat that does not require any material medium

.Ii. Ways thermos flask heat loss

– the double walls  and the cork prevent heat loss by conduction

– the vaccum prevent heat gain or loss by convection

– the shiny surface prevent heat loss by radiation

Best brain science mock may questions and answers


Theory answers and objectives will follow shortly








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