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Calculate The Resultant of Kumepreko’ Demonstration been Undertaken

Calculate The Resultant of Kumepreko’ Demonstration been Undertaken


The situation in the country Ghana is getting worse each and everyday. I think it is the will of the everyone to see things turning around within the shortest possible time. But the question I have been asking is that, is that how the world or things really work within time and space? Today, a lot of people could not control their emotions about the performance of the NPP Government led by Nana Addo therefore, taking to the streets a demonstration . I must say that, some of these people need not to be told about the results of their action that is whether or not it will lead to a good course.

Allow me to give you a few reasons why the Kumepreko demonstration is not needed. I think you are going to side with me based on the following factors. Before you scroll down please firstly click on the +Follow button to receive more news and updates when I publish.

First of all, this is something we have been seeing since day one. I must confess that, there have been numerous cases of demonstration across the country geared towards the uncertainties of condition of living. We have witnessed these kinds of demonstration from teachers, lawyers, nurses, doctors, contractors and so on. What was the results of their petition to the government? Till date, there are stilll some angry Lecturers who think the Government has still not heeded to their problems despite their strike actions. This is not the only example left, ask of it from the various and so callled freedom fighters and their fix the country demostration, we heard nothing appealing from them after the demonstrations.


Secondly, culture of silence on behalf of tge government thus, waste of time, energy and resources. Following the economic crisis and getting to the streets to demonstrate according to me is just a waste of time, money and energy. Unlike the Western countries and Americans, African leaders will never provide anything meaningful information to cool your hearts even as the demonstration is looming. Our leaders could avoid these by appearing through the various means they used during the campaigns to calm situations down but what do we see, a total silence. Government institutions as well as the targeted individuals to whom the demonstrations is meant could hold dialogue with these young men and women on the streets but they will never do so, simply because none is ready to listen.

Third, none of the leaders are ready to leave their post. These days, I have been hearing to “Nana must go”, “Ofori Attah must go” and so on. The question is, when are they going to the leave that office. It seems our part of the world is quite different from the West where Prime Minister’s and even Head of States present themselves to be resign out of office incase they cannot control things at hand. So to my demonstraters, none of the people will leave their post voluntarily so far as their tunure in office is not due.


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