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Captain Smart Again? The president is impotent and has no Child?? All his Children are Bastard! Go watch

Wonders shall never end. Carptaim Smart should be careful with our president.

This controversial journalist has again started his strange but provable aligations. This time the over all president of this land is in hot soup.  Carptain  Smart started blasting This man on live channel without any fear of arrest or favour.

DNA test results about Our president and Children. The DNA results is unbelievable

According to Carptain Smart, a renounced medical doctor conducted a paternity test specifically DNA test on one of the daughters of Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo per his request. The outcome of the test showed that, he is not the biological father of that girl in question. This is absolutely incredible! He used audio evidence to support what he said. In the audio the president was overwhelmed upon hearing that he is not the father of the girl in question! The girl he loves so much, flew her to abroad for quality education purposes and took care of her from cradle till now.

The president is impotent! Has no Child on his own?so he said.

Carptain Smart again mentioned that  all the so called children of the president are Bastards. He has no child on his own. According to him this was porported by Nana Agyeman Rawlings some time back. He emphatically stated that the wife of the late JJ Rawlings metaphorically made this known and he has all the reasonable reasons and facts to support it.

Rebecca is confused now of the current happenings.

Carptain Smart again mentioned the immoral attitude of the president despite the fact that he is battling with sexual weakness. Recently, unexpected  issue reared its ugly head . The issue is about the multiple sexual relationships been pertronized by the president. The issue is, the president entertaining his girlfriend in a private jet to the neglection of of his public duties. People considered his action to be uncalled for hence he is not leaving any legacy for the younger generation to follow or to emulate. The picture of this young girl and the president appeared on social media and people keep on talking. The president was half naked inside the bedroom of the president. This issue did not go well with Ghanaians.

Carptain Smart is one of the most brave Ghanaian journalist and controversial as well. He hit to hide the true. He has so much information about our country with proper evidences. His auterances are shocking and one may even wonder where and how he get his facts.

One great problem facing Africans expecially Ghanaians is the nature of our politics. We are politically bias to the extend that no one wants people to address issues that went on wrong in his political party. No one is a custodian of knowledge or a repository of knowledge. We all need to accept the challenges we are facing or the challenges we are faced with and tackle them holistically. We must hold the bull by the horns and let the cat out of the bar no matter the circumstances if only and if the need arises.

Collaborative effort Will is what we need as a country and this will go a long way to hursten the development of our country. Moreover, no one from different planet can help us rectify our issues. We must wear our own cross. Our leaders must understand that we have only one Ghana. We must manage our own affairs with sencerity, fairness, compassion and with so much love.

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