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Secrets why the ‘white man’ is super intelligent? A must read

Secrets why the ‘white man’ is super intelligent? This is what this write-up seeks to find. the secrets of super intelligence.


The brainpower or intelligence of an individual can be attributed to several factors including genetics, inheritances, bloodline, the person’s brain health, and to some extent constant acquisition of knowledge in a given field. Secret Why the White Man super intelligent?


But one of the big questions is “why are the whites believed to be smarter and so creative?”

There is no reasonable doubt that, almost all inventions in the world are done by the Europeans.

Ranging from the manufacturing of weapons, cars, airplanes, space rockets, ships, and computers just to mention a few. What could be the secrete?


What are they doing right and Africans are doing  wrong? Probably, genetically, they are better off than their counterpart Africans.

Secrets why the ‘white man’ is super intelligent?

The secrets of super intelligence may be found in the following explanations.

Tracing the history and civilization of the world

Think of it in terms of introduction of education and religion into Africa. These ” Whites” Helped Africans to discover and know the importance of Cocoa, timber, gold, diamond, currency etc

Secrets why the ‘white man’ is super intelligent? Well, scientific evidence circulating around the whole issue

Scientifically, if couples are all intelligent Genotypically and phenotypically, they have a hundred percent probability of giving birth to very intelligent offspring.


This could be one of the reasons, that you and I can not do anything about this bitter fact. Look at the way our leaders mismanage our country’s resources! This can not happen in white man’s land.


They have visionary leaders who see the well fair of their countries to be dear to their heart. Name one European country which is part of the list of developing countries!

Diet and health condition towards being supper smart despite the absence of intelligent gene

Secrets why the ‘white man’ is supper intelligent? Do you know why coffee is more patronized in Europe than in Africa?

Are you a fun of coffee? Coffee has a supper powerful antioxidants which help improve intelligence or memory. This makes you smarter and creative as well if taken on a regular basis.


It helps the brain to produce dopamine (happy hormones). It also helps the neuron transmitters in the brain to increase and speed up their transmission of impulses or messages.

Coffee is a natural morning beverage that is actually enjoyed by most people.


Do you take coffee or tea? Are you a fan of coffee? If yes, this is good news for you. According to the current research published by neuroscientists, regular intake of coffee reduces brain diseases (Alzheimer’s). This disease gradually causes memory loss.


Besides, coffee contains special antioxidants that fight the body against inflammation. Coffee contains antibacterial and antivirus properties. These properties help coffee protect the body against some set of diseases.


It can strengthen the immune system and help flush away bad toxins from the body. Coffee contains a natural source of caffeine, which is healthier and more powerful with fewer risks as compared to the fizzy energy drinks flooding the market.


Coffee ensures adequate blood flow to the entire body, hence the brain which is our source of power is kept at its best state.

Anti-aging properties

Coffee restricts the body from aging. It keeps the skin brightening and succulent due to its antioxidants. It also serves as a wonderful painkiller. It can treat chronic pains like headaches, joint pains, and menstrual cramps.


Are you convinced by the secrets of super intelligence shared here and why the ‘white man’ is super intelligent?


The little things that you look down upon, are the strongest weapon for achieving smarter dreams. I may sound foolish to you, but not withstanding, give it a try, it can move you from grass to grace and from zero to hero.

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