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Christian School Sued Over LGBTQ Ban by Faculty and Students.

Christian School Sued Over LGBTQ. Picture of school

Christian School Sued Over LGBTQ Ban by Faculty and Students.



Christian School Sued Over LGBTQ Ban in the sense that, the school is hesitant to allow the implementation of LGBTQ. According to the students, over the years, the school has consistently infringed upon the rights and freedom of its’ members.



The implementation of LGBTQ related policies has led to the creation of countless Religious Colleges in the United States.



On the few Mondays ago, there was a deadly roar at Seattle Pacific University.
An organized section of students, Faculty and some staff who deem it necessary for LGBTQ to be practiced to its fullest in the school.



Christian School Sued Over LGBTQ

The key leaders of the Board of Trustees of the university were sued for their refusal to reinstate or formulate rules and regulations that will go a long way to help eliminate the discriminatory fact that, people in same sex relationships are not offered full time employment in the school.


They spelt out that, the trustees unacceptance or opposition to LGBTQ is a segregation ànd an attempt to violet  the constitutional provisions of the country.


Christian School Sued Over LGBTQ. Picture of school

In June, the state of Washington Attorney General informed the university that, he is calmly investigating into the school in search of any possible religious discrimination.


A letter was written to a student activists of the school that ” we acknowledge the disagreement existing between people of faith about sexuality and identity”, but taking the matter into scrutiny, it is clearly seen that, the employee expectations are inlined with the Universitys, and statement of faith.


Afterwards the Attorney General requested of the policies of the school.
A lawsuit was prepared signaling that the university is perceiving itself as autonomous and hence its lawlessness happenings.



Christian School Sued Over LGBTQ

Adjunct professor filed a lawsuit against the university claiming that, he was denied full time employment because he was gay.
The lawsuit ended in court for settlement.


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After sitting on the case, the rulling was that, the interim president of the school should be removed. Before then, most of the trustees had already resigned.

Christian School Sued Over LGBTQ

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