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Dog Horrifically Attacked a boy 2years and a toddler, 5 months to Death.

Dog horrifically attached a boy. Picture of dog

Dog Horrifically Attacked  a boy 2years and a toddler, 5 months to Death and their mother terribly injured.



Dog horrifically attached a boy of two years and his five months toddler sister to death. They were pronounced death just immediately after the incident.


According to police report, this dog from no where peeped through the house and nicodemously rushed in to the compound like a lion and jumped over the victims like a targeted prey. This dog killed the children on the spot while their mother escaped, terribly injured.



The dog has been arrested by Animal Control while the sufferers of this tragic incident are yet to be identified. The mother of the children is in a critical condition yawning for survival. A similar incident occured few days in liverpool.

Dog horrifically Attacked  a boy

The incident happened just yesterday around 3: 30 pm in Shelby County.
According to the woman, his two years boy was on a bicycle when the dog entered their compound unexpectedly. It held the leg of the boy, and the boy  intend fell on the dog.



He was helps and bitterly screaming. As a result, I rushed to hit the dog and it jumped over my neck. I fell down and sense nothing again. By the time I came back to memory, I saw my self on a hospital bed, she added.



As people head the cry, they ran to the scene but unfortunately at that time, the children were already dead while the woman was in a state of unconsciousness. The woman was traumatized per the happening.


Dog Horrifically Attacked  a boy

As a result, critical care and persistent attention is given to her at the moment. The police are doing their investigation to fix out the owner of the dog to be sued by court of law. Meanwhile, the desease bodies  were kept in the mortuary.

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About 32 bites of the dog were found on the womans’ body. Anti-rabies treatment was given to her while other diagnoses sections were ongoing.

Dog Horrifically Attacked  a boy

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