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HIV Sensitization by GHS in Schools Begins: Issues Arising.

HIV Sensitization in schools  and picture of HIV virus

HIV Sensitization by GHS in Schools Begins: Issues Arising.


HIV Sensitization by GHS has seriously been initiated in Schools as an early preventive mechanism to halt its spread.


This became necessary after GHS randomly tested pupils in the various schools across the country to observe the sequence of the Virus infestation and transmission in schools.


Madam Elizabeth Owusu Ansah, a public Health Relation Officer, in St. Joseph Hospital at Koforidua, generically stated that, they have indiscriminately provided sensitization to approximately four hundred primary School pupils at new Juabeng of the Eastern Region of Ghana.


HIV Sensitization by GHS

some selected schools were tested for the HIV and following the test results, it depicts that, a section of  the pupils had the HIV virus. The names of the schools were withheld for confidential purposes.

HIV test kit

This is a conotational message signaling that, most of the active group among the pupil mostly engage themselves in unprotective sex hence the consequences.


This particularly called for the HIV education in schools. The public Health Relation Officer, also conducted the HIV test along side the sensitization. Per their results, she drew a conclusion that, the rate and the manner in which the infection is escalating in the schools is risky.



HIV Sensitization by GHS

The pupil lives are in danger but they look adamant and unconcerned. Their endulgement in unprotective sex is the leading cause of this disease. She made known to the public that, during the half quarter alone, 23, 495 people were infected with the Virus in the country.


This represents 2% of our population.
The public Health Officer said, out of the tragedy befalling us as a nation, it necessitated that, a vibrant and very effective sensitization programme is initiated to help cripple the speeding rate of the infection.


As such we are forced to launch a a new sensitization programme or campaign to help eradicate or significantly reduce the infection rate. The campaign targets the creation of awareness, prevention and treatment section organization for the already infected ones, she added.


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Critical education was given to these 400 schools about the effect of the neglected practice of not using condom for sexual intercourse. He said that, the best and the most effect method to halt the spread on the Virus is abstinence, but in cases where one can not abstain, then condom usage becomes a mandatory and the only best option to prevent contracting the virus .

HIV Sensitization by GHS

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