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Teachers Day Celebration At Accra with audio of New song Propounded by Teachers.

Teachers day celebration. Picture a teacher, teaching

Teachers Day Celebration At Accra with a Video of New song Propounded by Teachers.



Teachers day celebration at Accra was to establish and highlight the achievements of Teachers and other educationist in the field of education. They pinpointed on the challenges in the sector that demand immediate intervention as well as strategies to use in dealing with the issues.


The Chairman of GNAT stretched on the loopholes in the educational system and promised of drastic measures to superimpose it to the best of their ability.


Important issues discussed:

1. Distribution of laptops. Teachers still wonder the persistent of the current happenings regarding to the laptop distribution. The chairman promised of peeping though to dismantle the hidden obstacle blocking the distribution process of the laptops.


Teachers Day Celebration

2. Teacher professional development.
According to the president of GNAT, they have formally written to Ghana Education Service and Controller General Department signaling that, this years professional development should be honoured before 30th December 2022.

3. GDP and issues arising. A concerned citizen made mention the irritability and traumatization of teachers in lined with accumulating of points for their promotion purposes. The chairman categorically stated that, NTC workshops are not compulsory but optional. They are meant to help teachers gather points for their promotions. He announced that, one may decide to attend or not by  analysing the pros and cons.



4. Canning of students should be stop since it is now a well established legislation in the country. Failure to conform will lead to penalization in the court of law. No Teacher Association can save you if you commit yourself, added the Chairman.

Teachers Day Celebration

5. Sexual indecency among teachers. They emphasized that, the rate at which teachers involve themselves in sexual activities with their students is so heart palpitating that, it actually doubts ones’ professionalism. Some go extra mile to impregnate them. This is a shame to the profession and also serves as a stepping stone to loosing your job.

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6. Engagement in exams malpractices. Teachers are to be courteous and handle issues with much maturity. They should avoid any threat to their Career. Examinations are meant for the students not teachers hence teachers should desist from this unhealthy act, he lamented.

Teachers Day Celebration

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