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Unhealthy things in marriage or relationship that can ruin the union

Unhealthy things in marriage or relationship that can ruin the union


Unhealthy things in marriage which has the tendency of collapsing the marriage. Marriage sustainability kneels against hard work, perseverance and endurance. It is a collaborative effort but not a single persons’ business.


1) First to call


Like seriously, it’s childish to wait for someone you are in a Relationship with or married to to call first before you do,

You wake up in the morning and you are waiting for your spouse who maybe stays at a different location or traveled to be the one to call you First.
That’s unhealthy.
Soon none of you will be calling each other.

Not as if you don’t have airtime, not as if your phone is down, You even want to hear their voice oh, but you don’t want to be the first to call,


2) First to apologize

So you guys have had a misunderstanding,
you both said harsh things, and you know you should apologize,
but then you want them to apologize first, and the silence drags on for days, and you are still waiting for who will apologize First.

This is a sign of prideĀ  in You personally.

Unhealthy things in marriage or

Break the cycle, be the better person, be the peace maker today.
If you both have this mindset, settling issues in your relationship will be as easy as taking candy from a baby


3) Showing you can do without them


Many people who do this do it out of fear.
“if I show him/her how much I truly love him/her now, he/she will take me for granted/take me for a ride”

Don’t let such mindset rule you, otherwise you will crash your Relationship/Marriage

Marriage involves 2 independent people who can actually do without each other coming together and becoming intentionally dependent on each other.

You do not invite someone into your life and then fail to make room for them in it.


Unhealthy things in marriage or

Showing your spouse you love them deeply and need them isn’t a sign of weakness.
It’s a sign of Love and strength, strength because you don’t need someone but yet you willingly handicap yourself just for them to find relevance around you.


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God can do without Man, but he chose to be dependent on Man, he made Man his limitation. That’s Love.

Ask for their help, even if you can do without it.

Ask their opinions even if you know what to do.

Tell them they complete you, and show It

Call them, miss them, want them, need them.

Being overly independent of your spouse will only make your spouse feel useless and not needed.

Unhealthy things in marriage or


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