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Death Through Food and Water borne Diseases Infestations

Death Through Food and Water borne Diseases Infestations is a leading cause of motality in Ghana.

It is very sad that, despite the restless effort of Ghana Heath Service, motality through food and water borne diseases infestation still ranged as one of  the highest cause of the Increasing Morality Rate in Ghana, According to Foods and Drugs Board Authority. Death through food and water intake is so rampant. Your food is your health.


The current research conducted by Foods and Drugs Board Authority has disclosed automatically that, over 1, 914 got infected with food and water related disease from 2013 to 2021. Out of this, those who died is 136.

The World Health Organization reported that, out of every ten people, at leat one person is affected by food borne disease based  on eating contaminated food and out of that, 420, 000 000 people die world wide as a result of food borne diseases infestation per their findings.

Mrs. Delese M. Darko, the chief executive officer of FDA and a CEO of Ghana Health Service said, the surveillance of food borne disease is abnormally increasing in Ghana and most African Countries more often than before. He added that, importation of food into the country through dubious means is one significant factor leading to this canker.


The change in food production, preservation and distribution methods or mechanisms  is making food safety critical and fundamental to public health.

Health officials are mandated to sensitize the population to be extra careful and vigilant to help eradicate this social pandemic. Per the observation, children are the most vulnerable group since they have weak immune system.

Death through food and water.

They advised that, constantly buying food outside especially at unhygienic places exposes the one to these infections. They emphasized that, cholera and typhoid related death was the highest.


People with underlying conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV and weakened immune system find it difficult to survive them when not  identified and diagnosed as early as possible.

Death through food and water.

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They also emphasized on its escalating damaging power in people with respiratory and cardiovascular disabilities as a results of smoking and excessive alcoholism.

Death through food and water.

In order to bring this situation to a halt, Foods and Drugs Board Authority in collaboration with Ghana Health Service, UNICEF and KOICA to help sensitize the various communities as an immediate tool to drastically eliminate this Food borne related death or to significantly reduce its impact.


They also advised that, people should stop purchasing food substances especially the can and sachet foods without the identification mark from Foods and Drugs Board.

Death through food and water.

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