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The over Jubilation of Students of Ideal College after the resent wassce was highly Suspicious.

The over Jubilation of Students of Ideal College after the resent wassce was highly Suspicious.


The act and manner in which these students were expressing their excitement and undebatable hope in the just ended WASSCE was unbelievable. Most people are forced to believe that, no wonder their extraordinary performance every year.


The highlight was that, as a matter of fact, any time we are pinpointing schools that use dubious means to pass their examinations, the name Ideal college comes to mind. Their name keep on pooping on WAEC malpractice list year after year.

How ever, the school should not be blamed at all incase this rumours of their malpractice ringing randomly in our head year by year is true.
The over porous nature of our educational framework as far as external examination is concerned is to be blamed.


The light is clearly bright but has been blocked by a hidden obstacle hence the formation of umbra shadow where there is an absolute darkness.

We started conducting external examinations for quite along time. Ideally, very effective and most appropriate mechanisms and strategies should have been adopted over the years to distort any malpractice.

Look! The risk involved in this situation is so huge with an extremely high damaging power.
It is obvious that, civilization propels modernity, and modernity is aggregated by science and technology but their utilization is of paramount concerned.


It is terribly horrible to come across wassce questions yet to be written going through scattered reflection on the social media.


The most challenging episode of this practical situation which is disheartening and calls for immediate but prudent solution is that, at the end, students with unqualified expertise who lack understanding of simple concept and analogy come out with excellent grades.

As matter of experience, such people smuggle their way into the most critically sensitive field thus, heath sector.

Nevertheless, a decorated monkey is always still a monkey not withstanding where it finds itself.
These category of health workers are in our hospitals today, so to speak. Guess the impact of their services to our health lives!

Health is a complex area as human anatomy is concerned.
Chemical drugs work differently with high potency of recovery or destruction based on their usage. These drugs are absorbed through different roots and possessed a huge contradictions, contraindications and other allergic reactions.

Their usage can worsen some underlying health conditions. These cocoon health workers are adamant during and after the administration of drugs on patients hence the bad consequences.

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These category of workers are more dangerous and kill faster than the sickness you may be battling with.

Their negligence treatment can expose you to future permanent disabilities and abnormalities.

Our leaders are so mute over this situation in order not to comitt themselves.
Funny enough, they have the fund to fly outside the country just for medical check ups to to the neglection of our health care system.


Some of these students who will enter into teaching field will desperately inculcate into their students this barbaric act and the linage continuous. My advice to my self and you is that, lets eat healthy and learn some basics of nursing online before you are victimized by these people. Select quality schools for your wards and if necessary become your wards teacher especially in areas you have upper hands on.

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