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The West African Examination Council Confirmed Selected Topics

The West African Examination Council Confirmed Selected Topics For BECE 2022-All Subjects.



The West African Examination Council has shortlisted most critical areas to be seriously hammered by 2022 BECE candidates.


WAEC has finally released the carefully planned and systematically arranged topics to be mastered by students. This Step by step break done of targeted topic areas for this years bece is to ease the burden and trauma students usually face as to what to learn and when to learn what.


It gives detailed outline of almost all the various subject areas as far as bece is concerned.


English language approved topic areas:


– tenses

– conditional sentences
– questions and answers tags
– plot
– letter writing (formal, informal and semi formal)
– subject verb argument
– narrative/descriptive essay

The West African Examination Council

Integrated Science approved topic areas:

– measurement
– soil
– acid, base and salt
– mixtures
– heat energy
– photosynthesis
– systems of humans (respiratory and digestive)
– ecosystem
– work and machines
– farming systems
– Dentition
– elements
– diffusion and osmosis
– pests and parasites and infectious disease
– soil conservation


Core mathematics approved topic areas:

– angles
– construction
– ratio and proportion
– length and areas of plain figures
– sets
– probability
– percentage, rate and taxes
– statistics (bar chart, pie chart and histogram
– vectors
– word problems

Religious and moral education Approved topic areas:

– religious personalities
– right of passage
– manners, courtesy and commitment.
– rewards and punishment
– chastity and morality
– money
– religious festivals
– leisure
– Attributes of God
– religious view of creation ( christianity and islam)
– teachings of religious leaders

The West African Examination Council

Information communication technology approved topic areas:

– devices ( storage, input and output)
– spreadsheet
– creating a word processing document ( ms word)
– the system unit ( internal and external parts)
– the internet
– creating and renaming a folder
– basic shortcuts (copy, paste, cut, highlight etc.)
– search engine

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French approved topic areas:

– profession
– parts of the body
– verbs
– adverbs
-le, passe


Social studies approved topic areas:

-our culture
– the environment and environmental degradation
– promoting political stability in Ghana
-colonization and national development
– our natural and human resources
– problems of development in Ghana

The West African Examination Council

Basic design and technology approved topic areas:


Core skills

– measuring tools
– development of surfaces
– seams and stitches
– methods of cooking and heat transfer
– perspective drawing
-Designing and making
Meal and menure
– food nutrients


Ghanaian language approved topic areas:

– culture
– dirges
– naming ceremony
– greetings and responds


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