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Enhancing Teaching profession and learning by making Education Accessible

Enhancing teaching profession and learning

Enhancing Teaching profession and learning by making Education Accessible to the less privilege is the way towards Development.



We must try our best in Enhancing Teaching profession and learning in general. Education must be affordable to the less privileged. This should be the ultimate goal for all said, Micheal Blackson.


This kind hearted man built his private school and made it free for the less privileged in society. Micheal Blackson is a Laberian-Ghanaian Actor and Comedian in Hollywood from Swedru.


When mentioning the names of blacks who traveled and came back from the diaspora to help their African communities, Michael Blackson’s name can’t be left out.


As mentioned already, Michael Blackson is a Liberian-Ghanaian actor and comedian in Hollywood who is famous around the world for his comic style and had been seen as a mentor in most Ghanaian homes.

Enhancing teaching profession and learning

Enhancing Teaching profession

The 50-year-old recently completed the building of his free basic school in his home town, Nsaba, Swedru, where the school will be free for the less privileged with the aim of a “free for all” schooling system.


Following the praises Michael Blackson received from millions of Ghanaians and other blacks from the Dispora TV 3 presenter, Bella Mundi had the privilege to interview him for a couple of hours.


Though Michael Blackson talked a lot about his personal life and upbringing, he touched on why there are three other flags on the school compound aside from the Ghana flag. The other two flags he used did not make sense to many Ghanaians.

According to Michael Blackson, the Liberian flag was placed there because he spent some important times and moments back then in Liberia before he got to the United States of America.

The American flag is actually there because he got rich and famous in the States, so there’s no way he could take America out of the story.


Enhancing Teaching profession

Finally, answered the biggest question, why is there a nigerian flag amongst the flags? he mentioned that, the Nigerian flag is also there because he and his mom were actually in Enugu State, and they had no plans of living in Nigeria until they were forced to come back to Ghana during the “Ghana Must Go” era.




Even though, he told everyone about these hard moments he had in Nigeria, he still showed love to them by placing their flag at school and even made a mockery of the Ghanaian jollof with the Nigerian jollof.

If he, Michael Blackson, who barely stays in Ghana for a long time, had the nerve to build such a hefty school, don’t you think other local celebrities should also begin to give back to the society?

Enhancing Teaching profession



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