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Free SHS Students Admitted into Tertiary Institutions with Wonderful Grades can not Defend their certificates

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Free SHS Students Admitted into Nursing Training Colleges Causing Stire and Havoc.


Mr William Sebil, the Principal of the Nursing Training College (NTC), Bolgatanga, says most of the 800 Free  Senior High School (SHS) applicants with excellent grades are unable to defend their results before the College’s admission interview panel.


He said, this challenge is seriously Crippling worrying trends that are emerging and seen to be very disturbing among the applicants.When they face the interview panel, they simply cannot express themselves.


Comments: Authorities must start thinking about introducing a Pre-programme courses say, one year prior to starting the main programme to address such difficult.


Some citizenry were asked to express their personal views without party colours about the best possible soluble to this mess already in existence.


Some hastened and said, It seems it’s a general problem circulating the entire country without restriction.


It cuts across the whole country.
The solution doesn’t lie in any pre-programmed courses. I can tell you for certain that this solution will merely bring additional cost to parents and benefits to the institutions running such programmes, some stakeholders suggested.


They should rather look at exam malpractice in any form and nature. That’s the root cause of this canker and it will be dicier in the days to come.

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Free SHS Students Admitted

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