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How to easily pass science Examinations without much struggle


 How to pass science Examinations without much struggle.

Do you know the skeleton of science Examinations? Yes! knowing the skeleton of science is how to pass your science Examinations without much struggle.

Knowing The structure of the objective test. How to pass science Examinations

Interestingly, science has been structured in a pattern manner that duplicate itself every year.

In the case of Bece, we have fouty (40) objectives. Ten (10) objective questions come from physics, ten (10) questions come from biology, ten 10 from chemistry and ten from agriculture sections of the inter-science, summing up to fouty.



This means, learning only biology parts to the neglection of Chemistry and other parts will not help you.

In the Wassce too, the objective questions are sixty (60). What happens is that, they follow similar pattern. Just that, here, fifteen questions (15) are set for each branch of science.


This means, fifteen questions for chemistry, fefteen questions for biology and fifteen questions for agriculture and physics respectively.

This gives us a total of sixty objective questions. So studying with this skeleton in mind, will help you to pass your science Examinations with ease on objective side. This will help you balance your learning.


The structure of theory examination sections. How to pass science Examinations

For Bece and wassce forintance,  the pattern for theory is the same. We have six questions of which students are expected to answer four.


Each question you tackle, you can see we have a, b, c and d. This means, any question you tackle, we have either ‘a’ for physics, b’ for chemistry, c’ for biology and d’ for agriculture. The pattern changes but the structure remains the same.

So, that is to say that, if you start solving question one, you will solve one agric question, one biology question, one physics and one chemistry question. Similar thing happens to all the questions up to question six. So, you can not dog chemistry or physics questions. Any question you choose to answer, we have physics, chemistry, biology and agric questions in each of the questions from question one to six.

The skeleton of science practical test. How to pass science Examinations

For the practical questions, The formate is easily noticed. Each year, both in Bece and wassce, Four questions are set to cover the four branches of science mainly; chemistry, physics, agriculture and biology.

But some times, they may skip one field. This Just happens once in a while.

The bottom line is, with the above guidelines, do not learn one part of the inter-science leaving others.

Through the whole inter-science, both in jhs and SHS, the biology and physics topics are the most.

That doesn’t mean that, you should neglect chemistry and agric.

We have only few agric and chemistry topics, but students don’t like these areas why? Please do your best to balance your learning in order to pass well. if you have any question leave it at the comments section. Thanks.


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