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Nzema land is in danger. Is this the legacy set by Nkrumah?

Nzema land is in danger! Is this the legacy Nkrumah was fighting to establish?

Are you aware that, Nzema land is in danger? Are you for seeing the calamity yet to befall Nzemas?

Do you know We have totally lost control? Our pride and dignity is at risk.



Our huge coconut plantation is no more.

The plants are dieing, we are giving out our precious land, given to us by our forefathers to strangers. Some are selling their lands forever to strangers. What therefore can we pass on to our grandchildren.

Nzema land is in danger

Few years to come, our children will live like strangers in their own land.

Strangers are going to totally take over our land.

For now, it will sound like a joke! But the serious time is coming where all jokes will vanished. We will face the bitter truth.

Most of our youth Hite farming with passion. Our elders are taking advantage of that misusing the land.

Mining is happening live on our land! Destroying our land. Are we gaining from the mining! Can this happen elsewhere like..! The answer is big NO. Get to think of the happenings at Obuasi.

The natives have their own by-laws controlling the mining.



Mandatory sponsorship is given to five natives into tertiary institutions every year. That is just a few among the benefits. What are our leaders putting in place to make Nkrumah proud? Is it selfishness or greediness?

No society has ever been developed out of the above qualities. Let’s be strong, let’s think about tomorrow. The moon moves slowly by till day breaks it crosses the sky.

I can not do it alone, neither can you do it alone. Let’s unit and work together. We have only one Nzema land. Save the land or else Nzema land is in danger.

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