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Is there hope for these students, as they they assiduously take things for granted in all walks of life?

Is there hope for these students, as they they assiduously take things for granted in all walks of life?


Is there hope for these students? is a question of the day. Students who ignorantly insulted his excellency the president of the republic of ghana have once again nakedly expose their recalcitrant behaviour by doing this shocking act.


These students again, recorded a video that is not expected of serious students with higher determinations in life. One may wonder what at all is going on in mother Ghana. it actually hurt and marvelously itches for things like these to set in among the young.


Now that educational system of mother Ghana is loose, these stubborn students take advantage of the the system and peeping through the windows of immoralities. nonetheless, people believed that, to stop something means to cripple it fast. our leaders have to put polities under the carpet and hit the nail on it head.


The painful thing is that, our leaders who actually have mother Ghana at heart are few. if one critically analyze the manner galamsey issue is handled, one may understand that, we are not ready to defend and preserve the country.


Tracing the history of the country back to colonial rule, tells that, we moved from frying pan to fire. most of the policy makers rather take advantage of the system to act against pascal,s principle in pressure which states that, in a confined fluid an externally applied pressure is transmitted equally in all directions.


One may think of this as a mere principle but it has deeper meaning if broken down. as policy makers are giving powers onto these students, they will surely maximize the momentum and act equally or exacerbate extremely against them one day. this is exactly what is happening.



few years ago, students after writing their science paper in their West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination came out boldly to to say uncultured sort of words against the president but it was seen as nothing to the state. this has aggravated to this far but I believe one may not be surprise to see worse things in the mere future as things escalate.

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