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Is This Witchcraft? A Girl, 18, Killed her Newborn baby Under the Influence of her 60 Years

Is this witchcraft picture of a woman and her daughter

Is This Witchcraft? A Girl, 18, Killed her Newborn baby Under the Influence of her 60 Years Old Mother.


Is this witchcraft? The old adage that goes like ” Age moves with maturity” is rather a thing of the past.


A young girl of eighteen years who just completed her Senior High School had condoned and connived with her biological mother and committed a crime called ‘murder’ from the perspective of court of law.


After the matter was brought to critical scrutiny, it was displaced that, Christabel, who was only 18years of age, was unfortunately and sorrowfully impregnated following the generic slogan than, “the economy is hard”.

This Witchcraft

After completing SHS, instead of Christabel to engage herself in pertinent trade that can boost her primary needs, she rather taught it wise to follow men in returns for money. Christabel got pregnant without knowing the one responsible for the pregnancy.



Her mother, who was sixty years by then and logically should have known better, rather wrongfully advised Christabel Boating to kill the innocent baby girl after her daughter patiently carried the seed for nine months. When the old lady was interrogated, she sacarstically explained that, looking at the current economic situation, it would be a great punishment for her daughter to harbour the child.

This Witchcraft

Christabel’s mother is a kenkey seller at Kafozdezde in the Central Region. She categorically stated that, she consistently take care of Christabel and her other two siblings from her kenkey business.



As for now, things are tougher for her. Taking care of Christabel plus her basterd daughter including her siblings would be a tag-off-war. Since she believed that, to stop something is to cripple it fast, she was forced to give out that prematured advise.



She has been arrested together with her daughter for committing murder crime while investigations are still ongoing

A general advise to you and myself is,  we should not take advantage of the current economic situation to act in manner that will put us in hot soup. Nevertheless the law governing the country still persist and can affect you for life. Consider the current video about the students insulting the president. These students will surely be in trouble if not today, then some years to come as they climb the academic ladder.

This Witchcraft

Source: ghana web.

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