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Kintampo Senior High School Ranked the Best SHS in Ghana Based on Merit

Tintampo shs.picture of student body

Kintampo Senior High School Ranked the Best SHS in Ghana Based on Merit. Video.


Kintampo Senior High School was honoured the best SHS in Ghana during the Celebratiom of its 50th Anniversary. The Bono East Regional Minister, Mr. Akwasi Adu Gyan made the pronouncement that, Kintampo SHS is the over all best SHS in Ghana based on his own momentum as a Regional Minister.



He recommended that, ideally, the school has the strongest fundamental approach in terms of impacting into students the requisite knowledge which will boost creativity, innovation,
and higher analytical thinking skills.



In deed, it was a joyous moment for the entire School to have such a dignifying personality in their miss. The school has produces very Renounced and prominent scholars as well educationist occupyiny higher positions in Ghana.


Kintampo Senior High School

He gave endless reassurance to the entire student body that, their success is risk assured on condition that only and  only if they hold the bull by its horns, said the minister.



He advised the students to put laziness to bed and cultivate the habit of hard work and perseverance to help them endure the stresses, the strains and challenges that may serve as an obstacle as they climb the educational ladder.



He asked the girls to reframe from unhygienic opposite sex relationships that are detrimental to their academic excellence. He emphatically made a point that, the primary reason why they are in school is to ensure academic excellence. Anything apart from that is a secondary matter.


He also warned the incoming finalist against truancy and recalcitrant behaviours. Immediately an innocent student gets to the final year and register for the external examination, Such a student changes drastically in character.



This attitude is detrimental to success. metaphorically speaking, my teachers humble yourselves especially the young male teachers. Be careful with the female students, their succulent and flamboyant features can rain your job aimlessly leading to the jeopardy of your life, he exclaimed!!.

Kintampo Senior High School

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