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One Police of the Security Service who is to Ensure order in Wa following the recent riot was Crushed to Death.

One Police of the Security Service who is to Ensure order in Wa following the recent riot was Crushed to Death.

Following the recent riot incident at Wa, a lot more personals of the Security Service were deployed to technically bring orderliness at Wa. Just yesterday, one police of the Security Service died mysteriously.



Few months ago, Upper East and Upper West ironically sold out the prevealance of their peace. They searched for peace but found non. Several dignifying personalities have lost their precious life while a few more have been prosecuted and imprisoned at customs custody.



These events precisely showed its ugly head at Bawku and Wa respectively. As part of government intervention to open doors for peace to enter these communities, a troop of police was sent to these areas. Last week Wa ranked top, following the the death of a police officer in Tumu township.


One Police

This police was the overall head of Wa municipal police command, Felix Owusu. For the remembrance of his professionalism as a disciplinarian, he was popularly called Oteele. Officer Owusu was reportedly dead as a result of unjustifiable motor accident on Saturday.

One Police

His death has brought mystery in the Region between the force workers.
According to source, the officer has strong love for football. In view of this, that very day,he went to watch football match early in the night. Lately in that night, he was returning home when he met his mysterious death.



All of a sudden, a motor from no where knocked him heavily that, he died on the spot. The tragic incident occured in a small community called Kpaguri residential area not very far from the main police baracks. The reporter sarcastically said, the street where he had the accident, due to the constant occurrence of tragic stories, it is no more used by the community members.




As such, he was lying there unnoticed untill day break. Police preliminary investigation depicts that, he had several deep cuts and fractures at almost every part of the body. This might have led to his instant death. This officer was known to have come from Obuasi. He married recently and afterwards the woman delivered a baby girl. The child was only two years when Owusu kicked the bucket.

One Police

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