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Relationship Booster: 13 Warning Signs to Avoid in Building Everlasting Love when Dating.

Relationship Booster: picture of couple. A man and a woman

Relationship Booster: 13 Warning Signs to Avoid in Building Everlasting Love when Dating.



There are pertinent attitudes and characters that should not be exhibited in dating relationships. These strategies should be dear to your heart to help build love and trust in the relationship till the end of time.


1. Very porous communication skills.

Adopt and utilize the skills of communicating approprately and effectively to your partner. Good communication is the back bone of keeping your date. It leads to success in dating. Do not compromise talking to your partner in a more respectful manner. Always send clear messages out of suspicion. Be a good listener as well to your partner. Get time and pay attention to his or her grievances.



2. Too much jealousy.

However, there is no true love without jealousy, but it must be done in moderation. Allow freedom to flow in the relationship. Do not become over anxious into every single matter. Try to take your partners interest into consideration when taking any action. Relationship is build on trust. If jealousy becomes too much, it means trust is broken and this may affect the quality of your relationship.



Relationship Booster

3. Neglecting your relationship.

This occurs if you do not give adequate care and attention to your partner. No matter how busy you may be, reserve part of your time for him or her. This really shows you care and appreciate the love you have for the person. You should be willing to hear from the person as much as possible. Talking to the person should bring joy and blessings to you. You must see the love as very unique or valuable to you hence must sacrifice to preserve it.



4. Too much criticism

Some people tend to complain too much over every trivial issue. This attitude is bad. Only criticize responsible. You only do that when there is a need for it. Do not criticize with emotions, this will push you to be bias. Make a concise and a mature criticisms. Try to be polite as possible. Get enough evidence when pointing at sensitive issues. Do not allow friends to innfluence you to do that.



5. Being secretive

There should be trust and transparency. Do not lie to your partner. This will make trust to be broken. Speak the true at all times. This quality brings about self respect and safety in the relationship. Your partner will feel safer and comfortable even in your absent without the fear that you may be cheating on him or her.



Relationship Booster

6. Digging into past issues.

Nevertheless, past is always treated as past, it’s gone for good. Talk about current or present issues rather than constantly pinpointing at one’s past. This makes your party feels bad and unsecured in the relationship especially in the case of women. They are very delicate and sober if found in a true love. This makes them to be seriously hurt when break.up occurs.



Relationship Booster: picture of couple. A man and a woman

7. Using one’s love as a yardstick or a tool to hurt them.

Some times, we tend to do any thing at all to please your partner when in real love. Do not take this opportunity as his or her weakness. Do not make utterances that seems you are making him or her a favour. Be kind to them and always respect their views. It is childish to rubbish the view of the one you claim to love.



8. Playing with one’s safety.

Being abusive either verbally or physically is a threat to your relationship. Do not try to be autocratic. Allow democracy to pervert in the love activities. Activities like substance abuse is a threat to the relationship. Out of the substances taken, one may act or talkĀ  any how or aggressively. Consider the
person’s favourite by loving him or her. Do not play with their emotions.



9. Substituting your lover with money or friends.

Keeping quality friends in life is the best. But do not give your partner the options to choose between your love and your friends. Relationship matters should be kept sacred and private. As the adage goes: “the secret of the owl must not be known in public in the day time” Do not tell your friends your partners short comings. Material Gains should not give you the option to become unconcerned about his or her matters. Be romantic as well and keep secrets.


Relationship Booster

10. As substitude of loneliness.

It is no advised to keep relationship purposely to achieve your social needs. Choose a reliable means of entertainment and stop using them as tool to keep your company.

11. Being money conscious.

Stop taking relationship as a supplement for your financial gains. If this happened the level of respect you required in the relationship will reduce drastically. Your partner will feel that, you can not survive without him or her. Relationship os built on trust not money. Why do the wives of rich men divorce them? This signifies that. Love Can not survive on money as the sole pilar.

Relationship Booster: picture of couple. A man and a woman

12. Comparisons.

Try to compare your partner with your ex is not the best. Why did you separate with your ex if he or is unique to you.


13. Friends influence

Be ready to suffer the consequences of your action if you depend on friends advice to boost your love issues. You are matured enough to handle love issues alone. If can not handle your own love issues, Then it means, you are not matured or qualified to enter into relationship.

Relationship Booster

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