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Students Rape Cases Increment is Due to improper Dressing and Attitudinal Problems

Picture of college student showing sexual dance

Students Rape Cases Increment is Due to improper Dressing and Attitudinal Problems- plus Video


Students rape cases is becoming rampant in both Senior High Schools and Colleges according to Current research carried out by Ghana Statistical Board (2021 why rape cases in schools)


Rape actually means, forcefully having sexual intercourse with some one without the persons agreement. Per the research, rape cases reported to the police involving students was sixty percent out of the overall rape cases recorded.


The research pinpointed that, improper  dressing and the manner in which some  students behave is a causative agent of some of the rape increment cases among students.


A close look at the challenge at hand, most at times, a close family member becomes the rapist hence becomes difficult for the victim to report, the research added.


Rape is a huge issue that plagues the world today. It is a worldwide issue, and is not specific to any one country. Rape also can impact anyone at any time. It is not specific to any one neighborhood, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or financial status.


Students Rape Cases


Generically, Rape continue to happen frequently, and yet many are not reported to the police. Rape is widely thought to be the most underreported crime. There are many stigmas that go along with rape, so it makes it difficult to come forward. Also, it is sometimes difficult to prove rape cases when there are no physical signs.


One paramount cause of rape is the  availability of illegal drugs, date rape has become more commonplace. Although date rape can occur without drugs, many at times people use illegal substances to render their victims powerless against their advancement.



With the prevalence case of rape in all communities, especially in students, it is crucial for people to stay vigilant and aware of their surroundings. Although it is impossible to ensure complete security, there are ways to maintain safety.


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Rape is a profoundly different type of crime as the attacker is using their body as a weapon. Instead of merely stealing some personal item that can be replaced, the attacker takes something from the victim’s body and mind, which can never be replaced. This ordeal may only last a few minutes, but feels like hours to the victim as they wonder what will happen next.


Students Rape Cases

Rape truly is the most personal of all crimes. Many people do not talk about sexual matters at all, so they are even less likely to discuss rape.

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