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The Magic Of Lemon Juice On Our Health

The Magic Of Lemon Juice On Our Health

The Magic Of Lemon Juice On Our Health : Lemons are very common in our communities. We do see them on the floors and eye them and pass by because we don’t know the magic it’s juice has on our health. Lemons are packed with a lot of healthy nutrients including potassium, fibre, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, magnesium, calcium, iron.
All these nutrients are needed in daily bases for our health.
The little fruit has a punch of nutrients.


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Some benefits of  Lemon Juice are

1. It allows your liver to purify your blood more efficiently./ The Magic Of Lemon Juice On Our Health

2. It boosts the immune system.

3. It aids in wound healing

4. It banishes acne

5. Prevents kidney stones

6. It helps in weight loss

7. It aids in digestion

8.  It reduces inflammation

9. Improves eye health of diabetics

10. Support heart health.

11. Lowers blood sugar

12. It protect against anaemia.

Mix lemon juice with warm water and drink everyday for it’s amazing benefits.

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