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The Myth Of Pineaple On Pregnancy

The Myth Of Pineaple On Pregnancy

The Myth Of Pineaple On Pregnancy : Pregnant women always have problems with the kind of food to eat and which one not to eat to avoid any health complications to the mother or the foetus. Eating pineapple is a mystery to pregnant women since many thinks it is dangerous to the Foetus.

Pineapple is safe and healthy during pregnancy, you might have heard that the fruit can cause miscarriage or early labour but this is just a myth./ The Myth Of Pineaple On Pregnancy

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Even though pineapple contains Bromelain ( An enzyme which breaks down protein in the body and causes bleeding), the Bromelain found in pineapple is found in the core of the pineapple just a little is present in the flesh we eat.

The little pineapple you will eat during pregnancy cannot cause miscarriage but rather add amazing Health benefits for the mother and the Foetus./ The Myth Of Pineaple On Pregnancy

The vitamin C content contained in a cup of pineapple is said to be enough for the daily vitamin C content needed by a pregnant woman.

Just take a little to keep yourself and the Foetus safe.

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