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5 Health Conditions Your Urine Reveals About You

5 Health Conditions Your Urine Reveals About You

5 Health Conditions Your Urine Reveals About You : No matter how beneficial medical check-ups are, people generally are reluctant to go to hospitals to review their health conditions unless they are unwell for several reasons. Individuals and home care givers could have a stronger need to visit hospitals if they are able to have a hint of their deteriorating health by simply observing their urine. Also, people may present their health conditions early when they are able to suspect their health condition is not medically fine. Urine observation consistently, is one simple way to have an idea of a person’s current health status. Five (5) health conditions your urine can reveal about your body are;

1. Diabetes: Have you ever observed ants congregating around your urine on the floor before? Ants surrounding urine on the floor is an indication that there is a lot of glucose (sugar) in the urine beyond normal levels. While ants surround your urine consistently, it is in the individual’s interest to visit hospital with such complaints. Visiting the hospital may save the individual from an advanced level of diabetes. It must be emphasized that this observation must occur conservatively or consistently for the individual to be alarmed, since the observation may just be a one-time event resulting from the food one consumed over the days.

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2. Kidney Stones or urinary track infection: The color of your urine can reveal the health of your kidney as well as any urinary track infection. The normal color of urine is pale yellow to deep amber. Even though the color of urine can change anytime based on factors like medications and foods consumed recently, a consistent type of color of a particular color other than the normal urine color should be a cause of concern needing hospital visits. The one consistent color that should raise the alarm is red urine or visible blood in the urine. This observation could be a signal for kidney stones or urinary track infections. / 5 Health Conditions Your Urine Reveals About You

3. Kidney issues: Kidney is one vital part of the body and must be guarded well. One way to guard the kidney is observing urine and whether it foams. Foamy urine is associated with kidney infection, kidney cancer and diabetes. Urine can ordinarily foam when one consumes a lot of water over a short period. Therefore, paying attention to your level of water consumption in addition to the foamy nature of the urine and the consistency of foaming could hint the individual whether to seek medical attention

4. Dehydration: Every human needs some optimum level of water in the body to function properly. Not having enough water in the body could inhibit the proper functions of parts of the body. Salty urine means there is not enough water in the body. Individuals can taste their own urine to verify if it’s salty. And if salty, the remedy is for the individual to increase his/her daily water intake.

5. Overhydration: Too much of everything is bad. So there is too much water in the body. Through observation, a very clear urine and non-tasty urine is an indication of overhydration. The individual can afford to reduce the water intake gradually until it reaches an optimal level.

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