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The quota System verses Non quota System for the Betterment and continuity of Sustainable growth and development of Colleges of Education in Ghana.

The quota System verses Non quota System. Picture of quota system

The quota System verses Non quota System for the Betterment and continuity of Sustainable growth and development of Colleges of Education in Ghana.


Sumaila Nurudeen, an educational analyst  responsible for tertiary education in Ghana, verbalized this is important segment of our educational development to The quota system verses the non quota system show be a challenge thrown onto the entire citizenry despite your party colours.


He enlightened the state based on vivid scrutiny the varies policies adopted by the various political parties to run the affairs of the country’s educational upliftment.


To him after he carefully researched onto  the  aspect of comparative political assession, it nakedly spelt out that, president Akufo Addo and his vice, Bawumia gigantically owned Ghanaians some endless apology.


He said, the formal president deem ot most necessary to increase the total  number of the population of college of education. This was a wonderful move to admit alot more students into the college of education.


Schools started admitting twice the total number of students they used to admit. Contrary yo this, the miniature allowance was wiped off in to achieve thi systemic approach. The system of interview was eliminated leading to total reduction of bribery and corruption  during admission purposes.


Before then, one can only get assess to teacher training college only on condition that he or she knows a prominent person who is capable and prepared to lead as a protocal agent.

The quota System verses Non quota System

Besides the above, one needs to pay a reasonable sum of money for similar purpose mentioned earlier. Admission was not base on merit but rather on mercy and nepotism.


As part of campaign promise, Akufo Addo categorically declared that, the then policy run by the then president was barbaric and selfish. Under no reasonable condition will he adopt that merciless strategy.


He assured Ghanaians to restore the payment of allowances and yes he did that to the happiness of Ghanaians.


What is currently happening? This same president ha brought the quota system which he opposed bitterly. You see! Ii life, it is easier said than done.


This year for instance, colleges of education were forced to admit only a certain percentage of students they used to admit. Colleges are admitting about half or less than half the number they used to admit.


The quota System verses Non quota System

This clearly suggest that, there will not be transparency in colleges of education in terms of admission processes. The Management Board of the colleges of education across the country agreed to the fact that, entrance examination is going to be introduced to substitute or as similar to the interview system in the nursing Training colleges.


This is where rot is going to lead the implementation strategy of those with the passion to teach or desiring to qualitatively publicize  their  their intrinsic motivational mechanism as professional on teaching.


In fact this became critical for government to do because, the porosity of our economy has turned to borehole or manhole which is so devastating.

The payment of allowance of teacher trainee as well as raising fund to feed them till four years is a tag-off-war.

Source: opera news.

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